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Dec 25, 2012 02:52 PM

Eggs laid by hens eating kimchi

Jeannie Cho Lee MW spotted this product of Korea in a Hong Kong supermarket, eggs laid by hens eating kimchi, as shown here,

Northern California is home to many kinds of "designer" eggs, anyone doing this locally?

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  1. The label says "No kimchi flavor," looks like it's marketed as health food. There seems to be some scientific basis for that:

    1. The eggs definitely will NOT taste like Kimchi. While there are some things that when fed in large quantities to chickens - like raw cabbage & other raw brassicas, and members of the onion family - will make the eggs taste sort of "off" in an unpleasant sort of way, the eggs do not take on the flavor of what the birds have ingested.

      1. Melanie, this is Christmas not April 1 !

        Funniest thing I have read in a long time.

        1. Probably a by-product of Korean scientific attempts to find a cure for bird flu:

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            Actually, now that you mention that and jog my memory, I can answer my own question in part. A few years ago I asked Lou Preston if he made sauerkraut, since he grew savoy cabbage and sold other types of pickles. He said that he did make sauerkraut, but he fed it to his pastured hen-layers as it was said to protect them from viruses.

            So, he'd be one source of lactobacillus-fed chicken eggs.

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              Sounds like a similar article in the NYTimes last week about a US poultry farmer experimenting with oregano oil so that he could reduce the use of antibiotics.

              You can read up to 10 free articles/mo. @NYT website, after that they charge. The oregano oil story is at:


          2. Too bad we just had our chickens slaughtered this weekend, otherwise I could've tried it out. Will do for the next group of hens as we generally have a fridge with different kinds of kimchi stocked!

            Hilarious concept though as it reminds me of the many fads/trends/health things that my mom gets suckered into or temporarily obsessed with. The latest one was onion wine which she made TONS of only to be disinterested a few weeks later, by then which all her bounty was ripened...


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              Oh my, I think I'll enjoy my onions and red wine separately, thank you.