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Dec 25, 2012 02:40 PM

Tampa magazine?

Living in both New York and Philadelphia, I subscribe to local magazines ("New York" - weekly, "Hudson Valley" - monthly, "Philadelphia" - monthly). I will be living part of the year in the metro-Tampla area (New Port Richey) and want to subscribe to a local magazine. When I went online, I noticed two different magazines for Tampa - "Tampa Bay Magazine" and Tampa Bay Metro Magazine". I have no idea which one to get but I am most interested in the one that has the best dining/food sections, especially if there are yearly "Best of..." issues (Restaurants, Cheap Eats, Bars, etc.). Any advice would be most appreciated.

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  1. Why don't you buy a copy of each at the newsstand and compare them side-by-side?

    1. How about Cigar City Magazine? Something else that comes to mind is Florida Trend.

      1. You certainly should pick up "Creative Loafing," a free tabloid available at many restaurants. It always had a few pages devoted to restaurant reviews, cooking, and wine. Much of the rest of the magazine is devoted to clubs, musical groups playing locally, plays, movies, etc. Its unrelenting ultraliberal bias can be irritating at times, but, generally, I enjoy it, especially for the food articles.

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          For a free rag CL generally gives solid restaurant reviews, recipes, and covers the local concerts/festival scene well enough; but beyond that, it's really only decent for starting your barbeque with.