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Dec 25, 2012 02:22 PM

Buffet Baked Eggs for Breakfast. Is there a good method that involves whipping up the egg whites first?

I have read a lot about whipping up both the yolk and whites together to get something a little more fluffy in a baked morning eggs tray. But having a hard time finding a recipe that calls for whipped eggs whites until they start to stiffen and then fold in the whipped yolks.

Is there some validity to my thoughts that this might make for a whipped type of baked egg tray for the morning?

Also thinking of making them in muffin tins to shorten the cook time so they don't turn too brown. Maybe low and slow with the oven temps?

Need to feed 10 and it will probably sit for two hours over another tray of hot water to keep it moist and warm.

Thanks to all who respond to my posts! I thought I was a cook until I found this place! Finally at 50, I'm learning to experiment and the family is so much happier!

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  1. For ten people I'd put 16 whole eggs and 6 egg whites into a food processor. Add a pinch of very finely chopped chives. Give the eggs a few quick pulses. Do not over pulse. You want some air in the eggs but you do not want them so fluffy there will be no body to them. Then strain the eggs through a fine strainer. Then carefully put the eggs into some nonstick muffin tins. If they aren't non-stick rub the insides with butter. Before you pour the eggs into the muffin tins here's a tip: Put a little piece of precooked bacon or a small piece of smoked salmon into the muffin tins. Into a VERY low and slow oven. Watch the eggs carefully. Poke one to see when it's done. Remember the 'carry over' temp. increase. Now the fun part: When the eggs are done remove the tins and put a plate on top and carefully turn the whole works upside down. With any luck the beautiful little eggs things will slide out and are looking up at you with a nice piece of bacon or smoked salmon on top. Carefully set these eggy things onto a nice bed of chopped ice berg lettuce. Sprinkle with a pinch of very finely chopped fresh parsley. I've done this a number of times for groups of people and the result is always good.

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      Puffin3, thanks soooo much!

      I followed your directions and they came out beautiful in my trial run before New Year's day. These will actually become part of my Sunday morning brunches for the family.

      Thanks again and have a wonderful New Year!