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Dec 25, 2012 02:03 PM

SF - House of Banquet - doesn't everyone have chicken feet and pig intestine for Christmas breakfast?!?

We're doing our annual house exchange in Sonoma and decided dim sum at House of Banquet was just what we needed. We've been going there several years and it never disappoints. Usually it's completely full by 10 but this morning even the die-hards didn't come in a rush so it wasn't full til a bit later.

We started with chicken feet and they were hands-down the best we've ever had, including there. Meltingly tender. We're sorry we didn't get a second order to go. Had bean curd wrapper with pork and vegetables. Another hit. Rice flour noodles with shrimp were a near-miss; just not hot enough so a tad rubbery. From the menu, we ordered salt and pepper tofu which was perfectly cooked, slightly crisp on the outside and creamy on the inside (I gotta start cooking this!). Another menu item was fried pig intestine with hot peppers. Best pig intestine EVER also, from medium crispy to quite crispy on the end pieces. We were waiting for eggplant stuffed with shrimp paste (a fave last summer when we went with a fellow/gal CH) but we were full before it made the rounds. Have leftover tofu and intestine for a meal with someother leftover Chinese food :) All in, including the two menu items, it was $26.

We only get to visit SF a couple of times a years so we're reluctant to mess with a good thing. House of Banquet is better than a good thing :) I so highly recommend.

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