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Dec 25, 2012 01:40 PM

Bread & butter pudding made with scones

For Christmas breakfast today we wanted to tie in with our Scottish theme for this year's dinner, so we tried a recipe I found for individual "scone & butter puddings". Instead of layering bread in a baking dish, you take round scones, slice them horizontally into three pieces and butter each slice, then you layer these in large ramekins with sultanas & chopped dried apricots which you have soaked overnight in a couple of ounces of nice Scotch. Pour over the custard mix, let it sit for an hour and then bake in a bain marie.

We all loved this & I thought I would pass the idea along.

By the way, for those on a GF diet, it worked very well with gluten-free scones which have a tendency to be a bit stodgy (though you may not want to use Scotch if you need this dish to be 100% GF); they held together well & soaked up the custard beautifully.

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  1. That sounds really good. My favorite bread pudding is that my wife makes with leftover biscuits.

    The only thing missing from your recipe is nuts. All sweets need to have nuts, should be a law actually. : )