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Dec 25, 2012 12:19 PM

Stone Crabs - Anyone know a reliable place for shipped fresh?

Joe's is too expensive. Captain Dons Seafood is not taking stone crab orders through the end of the year. Anyone know another great place from which to order stone crabs?

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    1. Triar in Hollywood ships and I would also recommend Billy's.

      1. I second George's! I have had great experiences with them any time I order.

        1. The colossals I had for lunch today were $47/lb,retail from WF in Sarasota, so fasten your seatbelt and get your checkbook out. It has been a dreadful season for stone crabs here in Florida. They are blaming octopi, but I have my own theories.

          1. Everyone is expensive right now......Crab harvests are extremely low this year......

            There are conspiracy theorists out there....but I happen to work in an industry that conducts business on the "open market".....And while sky-high prices are great....they're rather meaning less unless you have something to sell....(and prosper from).....But supply is such that there's nothing to believe than harvests are abnormally (and unusually) light this year.....

            And unfortuately, hundreds of workers in Keys crab industry have been laid off during the holiday season....and nobody wants to see that....

            Ft. Pierce, FL

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              "This season has turned "bleak," Keys Fisheries General Manager Gary Graves said Tuesday. The Marathon fish house been forced to lay off staff on its production side and raise dockside prices to keep fishing crews from pulling their traps out of the water early.

              Still, harvests of legal-size claws coming into the docks are a small fraction of what they should be, Graves said.

              Poor harvests in the Keys -- which account for nearly half the state take of stone-crab claws -- are reflected along the Gulf of Mexico coast, Gandy said. "It's not specific to the Keys," he said. "We're seeing it throughout the fishery."


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                The take-away on this for those who want more and cheaper stone crabs is eat more octopus!

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                  My sister lives in Key Largo, surrounded by restaurant workers and more importantly, fishermen and crabbers.

                  Yesterday I asked her about this season. Pretty bad, she said. Traps coming up light, just like last year.

                  Prices sky high, especially for the large and jumbos.