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Dec 25, 2012 11:06 AM

Smallest size food processor for pie dough?

Now that the holiday baking season is winding down.....

For many years I had an older Cuisinart, not sure what size. The bowl broke on it and I decided to get a new one rather than replace the bowl. Mistake.

I moved up to a 14 cup newer food processor...and it drove me crazy. Beyond being too large for my needs it was a pain to clean. How I miss that original Cuisinart with it's simple bowl design and no nooks and crannies that were hard to clean.

Anyway, I don't use a FP much - for pie dough and other items that require cutting fat into flour and occasionally making pesto or pureeing something. I have a Vitamix so don't need it for liquid needs...

I can't remember if my old one was a 7 cup or a 9 cup. I can't seem to find info on how many cups of flour these can take. Ideally I'd like one just big enough for a two crust pie, but want the smallest that can do that job....?(easy to clean too, though that doesn't seem to exist with any of the new models...)

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  1. I have a 11 C. that is about right for pie dough and most anything else I do. I am sitting on the fence about getting a new one. I am stocking a new housewares dept. in a new store, just getting the appliance accts. set up has been a PITA! Anyway I am trying to decide on the Breville Sous-Chef of one of the new(er) Cuisinarts that are leak proof. I don't have and do not want a Vita-Mix, I don't think they are worth the $$$, yeah I'll sell one if someone wants one but I have been happy with my Waring Blendor and Cuisinarts for years. My only hesitation with changing Cuisinarts is that i have all of the blades for my 11C.

    1. I bought the CFP-5A Cuisinart in 1979, and used it and used it and used it, until it finally died 20+ years later. It was a 7 cup model. I replaced it with the DLC-10, another 7 cup model, the top to whose bowl I just hated.

      Fortunately, I was able to use everything from my original Cuisinart on the base of the DLC-10.

      I don't make pie dough, but I do make tart dough, and I always found my 7 C Cuisinart to have just enough room to make the crust for two tarts, which is probably what you need for one two-crust pie, i.e., top and bottom crust. It becomes extremely full, though.

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        Here's a photo of the CFP-5A.