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Dec 25, 2012 10:23 AM

Solo dining Key West

I'll be taking a special solo trip to Key West for 3 nights. I am looking for the best food I can find for someone eating on her own (bar seating, or places that don't feel stuffy or overly quiet but also not like Mardi Gras). I don't eat red meat which I'm guessing won't be a problem, but figure I should point out just in case. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me.

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  1. Garbo's Grill - is a food stand with delicious fish tacos, they also have shrimp burritos and other options but my favorite is their fish tacos.

    La Creperie - Crepes, small little family owned place it has a little bar you can sit at and watch your crepes being made

    Paseo Restaurant - Caribbean, Small counter service place. The grilled corn is amazing, inside and outside seating.

    Black Fin Bistro - Seafood, American, has a bar you can sit up at. I enjoyed red snapper and Key West Pink Shrimp here

    Find a place that does an oyster happy hour.

    1. It has been a few years but when I did art shows in Key West we always went to Blue Heaven for dinner. A quick search on review sites looks like the quality is still the same.

      Funky atmosphere with a variety of indoor and outdoor (recommend) seating options. Food was always excellent with too many interesting choices to easily decide. Wandering chickens and great people watching for entertainment!

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        Fancy meeting you here! Thanks to both of you for the recommendations. Should keep me busy and well fed.

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          Kinda like a bad penny...

          I'm in Florida a few times per year so I mainly lurk to keep up to date!

          I think you'd enjoy the place provided the food is still at the same level.