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Dec 25, 2012 07:17 AM

Chinese food in DC Chinatown?

It seems that the authentic Chinese restaurants are disappearing from Chinatown. Is there anything REALLY good left?

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  1. we enjoy Eat First. not much for ambience but food is good and authentic. roasted duck and pork, Hong Kong noodle soups or congee, clams in black bean sauce, plus specials scribbled on paper and scotch taped to the wall.

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    1. re: dining with doc

      we ate there last night with a group and it was pretty good!

      I still like Great Wall best, but the string beans I ordered were crisp and plentiful. Our group was satisfied.

    2. No, there really are none left. Go to burroughs.

      That said, if you have to have Chinese in DC, try China Boy for beef noodle soup which is a really good meaty, brothy bowl of noodles.

      And if you want just old-school gangster style Cantonese, incl. a decent plate of roast duck or chicken, then Full Kee is a decent option.

      1. Chinatown Garden will make things to order. Try pod greens and the cod.

        1. I like the "noodles in soup" at Chinatown Express (eaten with lots of the condiments that are placed at every table). I like the tofu and vegetable version, but they also have it with chicken, etc. It's also dirt cheap - a tasty, quick, and filling lunch for about $7. Served with tea, which I love in the winter.

          I've tried other things here and find their other offerings to be quite greasy - but the noodle soup I really enjoy.

          1. "forget about it Jake. it's 'Franchise-Town'."

            although I do still like Full Kee.

            a guy (Scott Dorsey) had a comprehensive list and evaluations, but it's about 6+years out of date now.