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Dec 25, 2012 07:04 AM

Whitefish salad, how do you make it?

I couldn't resist the vacuum sealed whole smoked whitefish from Acme in Brooklyn they were selling at my local Costco. I resisted the easy way out and decided not to buy the pre made whitefish salad as I wanted some chunks of fish to snack on in addition to the whitefish salad. I diced some celery, red onio, mixed with mayo, pepper, and some lemon. I saw some recipes that add dill but dill is one of the few things I don't really care for. Should the salad be chunky or smoother? Right now its sitting in the fridge with lump crab meat sized pieces of whitefish that I carefully folded into the mayo. Should it be chunky like that or should I get more aggressive with it and break it down more? I know it's all just personal preference, but how do you make your whitefish salad?

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  1. I like a mix of mayo and sour cream (2 to 1 with the mayo being double) and I add chive and lemon as well as celery and onion - i like some texture left in the fish and since i'm "bone phobic" I have to admit that it put this together with my hands, since i break down the whitefish by hand to assure i haven't missed any bones!

    1. Smooth, not Chunky...

      Light mayo and a touch of sour cream if available,....that's the base and it should be barely noticeable. Anything other is an addition on the plate...not into the base.

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        Yes, definitely smooth for whitefish salad! It should be very spreadable.

      2. I love smoked whitefish! I get it from Agawa N. Ontario.
        I don't use mayo or onion. No strong flavors. I want to retain the delicious flavor of the fish. Romaine lettuce, a hand full of frozen raw peas, cubed peeled/seeded cucumber the same size as the whitefish chunks. The chunks are about the same size as a carmel candy. For the dressing I use 1/2 cup of light olive oil and 1 cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice, a teaspoon of sugar, pinch of s&p well shaken. Gently toss to coat everything and serve. The 'Campers store' doesn't get into shipping but I have a long distance trucker friend who goes past the store and he picks the whitefish up for me. I get the fish/s a few days later here on the West coast. The fish freezes well.

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          You don't consider one cup of lemon juice to be strong in flavor?

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            Nope. That much dressing is put on quite a large salad. (Two heads of lettuce.) Also the lemons I use are 'Meyer'. I forgot to mention I also grate a bit of the lemon rind and sprinkle it on the finished salad for a bit of color and zing. The dressing just coats the salad so there's no dressing floating around in the bottom of the salad bowl.