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Dec 25, 2012 06:59 AM

Healthyish Dinners around City Center, Rittenhouse, etc.

Hello. I'll be in Philly this week and am looking for somewhere locavore-minded and on the lighter side, even vegetarian or macrobiotic if there's something good that fits the bill. Staying in City Center, but happy to cab it.

I'm also game for Japanese if there's something to recommend nearby, thanks!

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  1. Vedge is one of Philly's top restaurants & is vegan. Hip-City Veg is right by Rittenhouse Sq.

    1. Definitely hit Vedge, it is an upscale place; you can also eat at the bar. HipCityVedge is casual/takeout. Other good veg takeout/casual options in the area are Philadelphia Chutney Co for dosa, Mama's Vegetarian for falafel, Su Xing House for good veg Chinese (great veggie dishes in additional to faux meat). Farm & The Fisherman is a nice BYOB, with a lot of veggie and fish dishes, most everything locally sourced.

      Also check out right off the square for small plates. Rittenhouse Tavern on the square and Vernick a block away also have some nice veg and light dishes. Tria on 18th St has some nice light bites too.

      Talula's Garden on Washington Square is another nice local-oriented place. Walkable or a very short cab ride.