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Dec 25, 2012 03:53 AM

Gribenes used as crumbled "bacon" on a salad - possible?

I am thinking about making gribenes, letting it sit in the fridge for a couple of days (pure scheduling consideration) then warming it and serving it on Friday for a first course on top of a salad.

Q. - can I warm it on the stove/blech top? I thought I would do this without a lid, so it won't get soggy. Perhaps on a sheet of aluminum foil.
If this approach sounds right, do I run a risk of it drying out if I leave it for an hour or so?

Q. - what kind of salad would work? Baby spinach with fresh mango and avocado?

p.s. I've been thinking about doing this for a while, and this week I will (I have saved the chicken skins in the freezer) I am mostly assuming that all crisped fatty meat behaves the same. But hoped someone on this board might have special experience with chicken skin cracklings, I have previously used them only as a snack fresh form the pan, or as a topping on cassoulet (probably the most spectacular Shabbos dish I make - and it only takes 3 days ;-)

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  1. Gribenes stay crispy in a airtight container left OUT of the fridge for a few days at least!

    1. I have frozen gribenes for more than 40 years (no they're not that old in my freezer, I just started doing this in 1970). I take them out and spead them on a baking sheet and crisp in the oven. If they have defrosted they will crisp up if you put them uncovered on a sheet of aluminum foil on a blech (such as a Salton hot tray). I paticularly like them on a spinach salad with red onions, and continue the theme by sprinkling them on baked potato halves served with roast chicken or duck.

      1. I second that emotion BrokenT...if you render the fat out properly, the crispy skins can stay out of the fridge, air tight for days. Reheating is not a great idea unless you are going to pan fry them lardon stylie. The bacon-like topping will work fantastically well on nearly any salad just like the real thing. 1 thing to remember is that they are generally quite salty and try and take that into account when assembling your salad. One of my favorites is the old school wedge salad....creamy avocado dressing, nice cherry tomatoes as they are the only ones that taste of anything during the winter season and your bacon topping to kick it up a knosh. As an aside, for a little trick that adds a few steps but allows for fantastic presentation, try putting your ready made griben into the fridge overnight. They will soften and can then be cut toothpick style the length of the piece and then made crispy by another few minutes in the oven. The result is a griben spear/toohpick for apps or for more decorative presentation. We have also dusted the skins with our 12 spice Texas rub, the sugars and spices marry with the shmaltz to make an incredible creme brulee like crispy sweet and spicy top....viola....cowboy gribenez! Happy goyisha chag y'all!

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        1. We've always used beef fry cooked crispy and cut into little bits.

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              So was it a salad you made and used the gribines for croutons? What salad did you make? We need details.

              1. re: helou

                I made the gribenes a couple of days ahead and let it sit in a container on the counter.

                On individual salad plates. I layered baby spinach, sliced avocado, sliced ripe mango, and really good halved cherry tomatoes. I drizzled this lightly with a vinaigrette (good olive oil, Bartenura 'balsamic' vinegar, dijon mustard) Then sprinkled with gribenes at room temperature.