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Dec 25, 2012 01:46 AM

Where is a good Deli?

Where can I get a good Pastrami or corned beef sandwich. Name some great Deli's.

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    1. re: Servorg

      Servog is 100% correct. Langer's for the best pastrami and rye on earth and Brent's for everything else (smoked fish platters, they make their own smoked cod, Kishka, Matzo balls, Kreplach, Blintzes, Knishes, cabbage soup and their great black pastrami ruben).

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      1. I'd add Junior's in Westwood as well.

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        1. re: JosephEBacon

          Respectfully disagree. Too expensive and a bit chintzy with the meat.

          On the westside, the best Jewish-style deli is Label's Table, on Pico a few blocks east of Beverly. Big sandwiches -- enough so I'm tempted to get another slice of rye and make another half sandwich. And only about $8.50 -- a buck cheaper when they are the daily special -- several bucks less expensive than Junior's, Factor's, Fromin's, Cantor's, and the rest.

          1. re: nosh

            Re Juniors: I agree with the expensive but not the chintzy part; in fact, at least in the past, I've found Junior's sandwiches to be ridiculously large, but rather pedestrian in quality and flavor.

            On the other hand, Junior's has the best matzoh ball soup in town.

          2. re: JosephEBacon

            I really like Junior's. Bread is inferior to Langer's, but the pastrami itself is better, IMO (time for asbestos suit?)

            1. re: JosephEBacon

              And sadly, Junior's will be closing by the end of the year. A very sad thing, even though it's not my favorite (as noted above). My grandfather went there just about every single day for 20+ years for his matzoh ball soup, and I will always cherish my childhood memories of him taking me there when I'd come over to visit.

            2. Eastside Market downtown has its own charms. Largely limited to a sandwich menu (pasta available on Tu & Th), its pastrami won't make you forget Langer's any time soon -- it's somewhere btwn L's & Johnnie's. But the #7, an addictive mix of pastrami, roast beef & cheese, is worth the drive.


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              1. re: Mr Grub

                I am a huge fan of Eastside Market Deli, which is just west of Chinatown, over the 110 on Alpine. But please note it is far from a Jewish-style deli. Though they do serve cold sandwiches, they are known for huge, soaked sandwiches in the style of a Chicago Italian beef or pastrami. Thicker sliced roast beef or pastrami that has been soaking in the jus, with a slice of mild provolone cheese and some very soft mild peppers.

                I am a very big eater, particularly at lunch, but it is rare that I can get through more than a half. I also prefer the roast beef and pastrami, the #7. Sandwiches have been going up a dime or two at a time over the years -- these huge babies I think are now in the mid $8 range. It is an order-at-the-counter and take your food to a table kind of place with some flatscreens showing ESPN -- street parking can be a bit difficult during prime weekday lunch times.

              2. Label's Table on Pico has really good CB and pastrami. They also have a nice crusty rye bread.

                Full disclosure - there is no ambiance - but the food is really good.