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Dec 25, 2012 12:37 AM

Noodles/Asian restaurants in Tel Aviv

Haaretz put out a recent article on Asian great noodle dishes in Tel Aviv, with the emphasis being on places that focus on Thai and Vietnamese food. (


I can only speak to the Thai House, which I think is great - but if you're traveling from abroad to Tel Aviv, not sure how desperate you are to try Thai food. However, I do really want to try Hanoi and will give my comments on the next time I get to eat out in Tel Aviv.

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  1. Hi Cresyd,

    I'm totally interested in your comments on Hanoi. We tried to sample its wares for a lunch in December, but, it turns out, Hanoi is only open in the evenings. On that day we ended up lunching at Hotel Montefiore, which I do not recommend. The food was disappointing and the noise level was atrocious.

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      I live in Jerusalem - so my eating adventures in Tel Aviv unfortunately never get to happen as quickly as I'd like them to. That being said, I have a lot of work to do in Tel Aviv this week, so hopefully I can get to Hanoi - but my major food treat this trip will be to visit the tequila bar across from the Mexican Embassy. I'm dubious of what the food will be like - but I've heard a number of Mexican Embassy staff eat their I'm clinging to that.

    2. guys, i will not expand on this request with too much information, suffice it is to say that if you fancy Asian in Tel Aviv, Taizu is a MUST. its an awesome pan-asian restaurant with dishes that will blow you away. Happy eating:)