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Dec 24, 2012 10:46 PM

grey fat on the roast

when i opened up the package, on one corner the fat of the round roast was an odd greyish color, when i turned the package over the part of the roast right in the middle - resting on that piece of absorbent 'paper' also had a bit of a greyish cast to it. 9pm on Christmas Eve I'm not going to be able to find another 7 pound roast, so I cut away the offending portions - it didn't go past the surface anyhow, and did my salt and pepper rub (extra salt in those areas.) Am I gonna be killing anyone at supper tomorrow?

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  1. I think you'll be ok, as long as it doesn't smell dodgy.

    1. Assuming you bought the roast from a commercial seller the odds that it's 'gone off' is pretty remote. Even roasts that have been discounted due to the impending 'best before' date is perfectly fine. The 'peach-paper' on the bottom is meant to absorb the gas that forms on the surface of the meat. If you smell an "off" smell just rub the roast with some balsamic vinegar. The smell will go away. It's just the smell of the gas on the surface. This gas begins forming the moment an animal dies. The added benefit with a wipe down with balsamic is you'll get a nice brown sear b/c of the sugar that occurs when balsamic is heated. The fat is the first place the gas starts at. Remove the fat.

      1. The roast tuned out fine and no one had any problems. We ate like pigs and 10 of us demolished the roast along with enough other foods to feed a large village.

        I did the roast the low and slow, starting with a 500 degree oven and then turning it off after 7 minutes a pound, then leaving it in the oven for another 20 minutes per pound.

        It was very rare, but not raw, and unbeleiveably tender.