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Dec 24, 2012 09:15 PM

Saltwater Oyster Depot in Inverness

Opened this summer by Luc Chamberland (ex-Manka's, Hog Island Oyster, Nick's Cove), my friends in Inverness are loving Saltwater Oyster Depot (and tonight's Christmas Eve dinner). Opinions from chowhounds?

Saltwater Oyster Depot
12781 Sir Francis Drake Blvd.
Inverness, CA, 94937
415 669 1244

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  1. Ended up at Saltwater Oyster Depot by chance after a trip to the lighthouse. Nice simple classic place. Every table was full by 6:30 on Friday. Three types of oysters (atlantic, washington state and tomales bay, they have a dozen with a glass of white wine for 30 dollars (they gave us to perriers instead). The mignonette had some kick to it. Also had the "antipasta" which was one spicy deviled, pickled cauliflower & carrots and toast with fava bean spread, the chickpea soup with harissa and the margarita pizza.

    The menu isn't large.

    Everything was good, the soup had nice deep flavour. I would have liked another deviled egg and the spouse liked the pizza. We were able to get served right away as the bar was free, other diners were waiting for tables, there is a small outside space but it was reserved.

    The decor is simple white boat house style, the wine selection looked nice if brief. Even with a full house it was easy to hear people.

    All in all, definitely a place I would come back to.

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      Thanks for the deets. I'll have to try harder to get up there.

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      1. Great wine list. Best "BBQ" oyster dish I've had.

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        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          They call that dish Pasternak oysters and rather than BBQ sauce it has pickled green tomato, bacon, and cilantro, but the flavors are generally similar.

          Little gem salad was tasty, had an unusual citrus and goat cheese vinaigrette.

          Fish tacos were a light version, fish wasn't fried, pineapple salsa, good fresh flour tortillas.

          Short rib panino was the most caramelized pressed sandwich I've ever had, great crunch, pretty rich from the fatty beef, a little sweet from some fig preserve.

          I wish I'd had the appetite to try one of the pizzas, they looked great, nice dark brown crust.

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            My favorite BBQ oysters are at the Marshall Store; bar none. Be sure to try their homemade beef jerky too. If you're discreet (and responsible) I've never had an issue drinking on their deck. Just be stealthy and smart about it.

            1. re: OliverB

              I've had BBQ oysters at Marshall Store several times and will again. Saltwater's were much better (as they should be, given the price).