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Merry Christmas, Everyone! What are you drinking....???

Well, just like the old song, here in the DFW metroplex, we are scheduled for a white Christmas! At least a white afternoon. Just enough to make spirits bright without breaking backs with snow shovels. How kind!

This year, Christmas Cheer in my house is hot buttered rum! I'm kind of tired of egg nog, and they stopped making my favorite Tom & Jerry (or is it Gerry?) mix decades ago, so... in my house, there's a fire in the fireplace, a chill in the outside air, and hot buttered rum to warm from nose to toes!

Anything special to drink in your house? (and may Santa leave the whole sleigh full of goodies at your house!)

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  1. It's a little white here . . . snow on the grass, but streets are clear.

    I just set out the chamagne flutes for the traditional poinsettias (cranberry and champagne). Also on offer is vodka and cranberry and seasonal Sam Adams and Yuenglings. A nice merlot and reisling for the meal. For the drivers among us, there is a variety of sodas, juices and water. Yep, there's a lot of glassware right now.

    1. I drink whiskey, beer and wine for every holiday and non-holiday, alike. Today is the same as yesterday, the day before that and the day before that - laphroaigh, Sierra Nevada and j lohr Cabernet. 4 days ago I switched it up with macallan, goose island ipa and some fancy Pinot noir I can't remember the name of...

      Edit: I forgot - shots of Middleton start at midnight...about 15 minutes from now. I was just reminded.

      1. Brandy Alexanders with a grating of fresh nutmeg on top.

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          That sounds good. Haven't had a Brandy Alexander in a long time.

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            As long as you use half and half and not cream it is not too heavy--though certainly not a light drink.

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            That is a flashback. My father used to enjoy them with my aunts and uncles. I was young at the time, they sounded so sophisticated.

          3. Well we had a bit of Champagne with a leftover-assemblage brunch for the two of us. Then some dark beers and pinot noir with dinner, and a nip of the whiskey that I gave the Duke for Christmas.

            Tomorrow (well later today) we're seeing some friends and bringing some (pumpkin, pomegranate) infused liquors that he'll want to try right away lol.

            The hail just passed over (small pea-sized) so it's likely to wake you soon Caroline! Hope it passes as quick as it did here.

              1. I found a 'Tom and Jerry' mug at a thrift store for 25cents. It's intended purpose was consummated last night !

                1. Shiraz-

                  and a good quality baozhong from teamaster

                  1. I enjoyed some Cherry Heering last night.

                    1. We have plenty of snow here in Calgary, Canada. We like to juice a box of mandarin oranges and make mimosa's with it. We then move on a Caesar (Bloody Mary basically, but made with Clamato Juice instead of tomato) before the meal - an appetizer of sorts. Then full bar!

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                        It's extremely foggy where I am, sorta like my head is right now. Because I had WAY too much last night.

                        Hopefully a nice red wine with dinner tonight. Not sure what as we're going out.

                        On other days, holiday or not, it's vodka martini (DH is gin) and then I move onto a little bourbon.

                      2. Like right now? LOL There's a glass with two ounces of Bowmore 'Islay' single malt with one ounce of room temperature water added sitting in front of me.............now it's half gone. Later a home made beer or three. And it's been snowing all morning.

                        1. No snow (southern California), but my drink today is a Drunken Snowman: eggnog, white chocolate liqueur and a bit of spiced rum, then cinnamon and nutmeg. The snowman might not be the only drunken one shortly.

                          1. Mele Kalikimaka Caroline (and everyone else.)

                            Honolulu: 78f (25c), humid with showers today, I think we will be doing Chardonnay with lunch, or maybe a Pino Gris, moving to margaritas afterwards and then see whats in the liquor cabinet this evening.

                            (sung by a little known Hawaii girl)

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                              It's 72 in Houston but a front is blowing through and we will have a "winter blast" down to 34 tonight. Chuckle Canada, our media can't handle temps near freezing. The wife cracked open a Modelo Especial cerveza, but that was just before her stocking stuffer Aha Toro tequila, which she switched to, straight. I've got a cheap cabernet. Time to cook the oysters, Galveston Bay beauties, some slurped raw, the rest floured and seasoned, sauteed in butter and olive oil.

                            2. Cold in Montreal. Enjoying a nice glass of eggnog with a lot a rum and freshly grated nutmeg.

                              1. 73 degrees and overcast today

                                Doing a blind cigar and spirit tasting at this moment. I'm thinking the spirit is a rum agricole. Some new bourbon acquisitions are in line for the rest of the day

                                1. We still have a little white left from yesterday's snow/sleet mix, & are expecting about an 1" or so of snow tonight thru tomorrow.

                                  As for libations? Hubby & are enjoying one of our favorite traditional holiday cocktails - the "Scarlett O'Hara". It's been a holiday favorite in my favorite for many decades.

                                  Basically - Cranberry Juice Cocktail, fresh lime juice, & Southern Comfort.

                                  1. Can you believe the Texas snow? About 2" and counting where I am. For Christmas it's tea, tea, tea. My sister sent a beautiful Le Creuset tea kettle, a contraption to steep, and Harney & Sons teas. I'd love to start a fire but it's been a few years and I'm afraid of burning my house down. Merry Christmas to all.

                                    1. Alternating between egg nog with rum and a sprinkle of nutmeg and warm spiced apple cider (not quite mulled cider, since it's just sprinkled with cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice, then heated in a saucepan until warm).

                                      1. Boulevardiers before dinner with a selection of cheeses and crackers. We'll move to a Syrah with dinner and finish with either a bottle of cava or Irish whiskey. Snow from Texas is headed our way so it's a good excuse to spread more holiday cheer!

                                        1. Well I live in the south and it is in the mid50's this Christmas so while I am indulging in the traditional eggnog and wine with dinner, I also like to treat myself to a daiquiri for the holidays. This time it is a chocolate one with a shot of rumplemintz, just like a frozen peppermint hot chocolate! Mmmmmm!

                                          1. Started out with some sappy pinot grigio, then drank some iced tea and switched to tequila with fresh raspberries semi-squished into it. Back to iced tea because I have to work tomorrow 8^(

                                            1. Just DH, myself & our two girls...he helped himself to a Lagavulin in his new Glencairn & I opened up an '07 Round Pond cab for dinner.

                                              Had a small dinner party Sunday night. Opened up a 2010 Sequana Santa Lucia Highlands pinot & an '07 Groth cab. The Sequana was a pleasant surprise...great nose, elegant & fruity with a nice body. The Groth was okay...smooth, but not much complexity.

                                              1. drippy, grey, and mid-40s in Paris -- we had homemade eggnog and for our Chilean friend, cola de mono -- "monkeys' tail" -- a truly delicious mixture of milk, coffee, cinnamon, orange peel, and vanilla, with a healthy dose of aguardiente.

                                                I made it just for him as he's a long way from home and family, but it's so lovely and tasty it just might become a regular Christmas thing Chez Sunshine.

                                                1. Boy am I unspirited....I drank my regular Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc on Christmas Eve and Christmas. I did join in on some vodka shots with my family that evening however...haha

                                                  1. We polished off a bottle of Gloria Ferrer sparkling wine, blanc de noir, I think) while everyone else was drinking pinot grigio, chardonnay, or beer. I like the Gloria Ferrer because it does not have a bitter aftertaste.

                                                    1. I had a kir royale at a Christmas party in Toronto and thought "what a light and festive looking drink!" and promptly stole the idea for our before-turkey aperitif. It was quite popular. We also doctored our NYE champers with creme de cassis tonight as no one really likes champagne around here and we had a bottle of Heidsieck to polish off. Rough life.

                                                      1. We were very boring for New Year's Eve.

                                                        Started out with Gin & Tonics (Citadel gin - a new favorite), & toasted in 2013 with a bottle of Ruffino Prosecco.

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                                                          Oh - I forgot to add that we did end New Year's Eve (or should I say began New Year's Day?) with a nightcap of a liqueur our local liquor store had that we'd never tried before - "Castries", made in Castries, St. Lucia. (Since we were married on the island of St. Lucia, I couldn't resist buying a bottle.) It's quite tasty - basically a combination of heavy cream, natural peanut flavoring/extract, & rum. Requires refrigeration after opening. We also enjoyed it drizzled over bowls of peanut-butter-swirl ice cream.