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Dec 24, 2012 07:37 PM

Merry Christmas, Everyone! What are you drinking....???

Well, just like the old song, here in the DFW metroplex, we are scheduled for a white Christmas! At least a white afternoon. Just enough to make spirits bright without breaking backs with snow shovels. How kind!

This year, Christmas Cheer in my house is hot buttered rum! I'm kind of tired of egg nog, and they stopped making my favorite Tom & Jerry (or is it Gerry?) mix decades ago, so... in my house, there's a fire in the fireplace, a chill in the outside air, and hot buttered rum to warm from nose to toes!

Anything special to drink in your house? (and may Santa leave the whole sleigh full of goodies at your house!)

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  1. It's a little white here . . . snow on the grass, but streets are clear.

    I just set out the chamagne flutes for the traditional poinsettias (cranberry and champagne). Also on offer is vodka and cranberry and seasonal Sam Adams and Yuenglings. A nice merlot and reisling for the meal. For the drivers among us, there is a variety of sodas, juices and water. Yep, there's a lot of glassware right now.

    1. I drink whiskey, beer and wine for every holiday and non-holiday, alike. Today is the same as yesterday, the day before that and the day before that - laphroaigh, Sierra Nevada and j lohr Cabernet. 4 days ago I switched it up with macallan, goose island ipa and some fancy Pinot noir I can't remember the name of...

      Edit: I forgot - shots of Middleton start at midnight...about 15 minutes from now. I was just reminded.

      1. Brandy Alexanders with a grating of fresh nutmeg on top.

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          That sounds good. Haven't had a Brandy Alexander in a long time.

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            As long as you use half and half and not cream it is not too heavy--though certainly not a light drink.

          2. re: escondido123

            That is a flashback. My father used to enjoy them with my aunts and uncles. I was young at the time, they sounded so sophisticated.

          3. Well we had a bit of Champagne with a leftover-assemblage brunch for the two of us. Then some dark beers and pinot noir with dinner, and a nip of the whiskey that I gave the Duke for Christmas.

            Tomorrow (well later today) we're seeing some friends and bringing some (pumpkin, pomegranate) infused liquors that he'll want to try right away lol.

            The hail just passed over (small pea-sized) so it's likely to wake you soon Caroline! Hope it passes as quick as it did here.