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Dec 24, 2012 05:53 PM

Frozen hot dog buns for stuffing/bread pudding?

Found three packs in the freezer from summer. Any ideas besides make bread crumbs??

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  1. I tried bread pudding with hot dog buns and would not recommend it. I think they were to airy to absorb the custard. I don't see using them for bread crumbs. Maybe you can make croutons with them. I'd say feed it to the birds, but I am sure it isn't healthy for them.

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    1. re: free sample addict aka Tracy L

      I've used them for bread crumbs and found them fine---especially just for thickening and binding.

      1. why not use for stuffing? If there is lots of spice in your stuffing, then I'd go ahead. Unless, of course, the buns taste of "fridge"... in which case... toast and use for bread crumbs or croutons. Best to taste beforehand.

        1. Can you recommend a recipe for stuffing? Just leave on counter to defrost/dry out a bit and go from there? The blandness gets me. That's why bread pudding was a question.
          I figured hot dogs in winter would be weird-stuffing/ bread pudding is "in season" now....LMAO.

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          1. re: annfaulkner

            Only thing I would repurpose hot dog buns for is as filler for meatballs, or as a "thickener" for low-fat cream soups.