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Dec 24, 2012 05:45 PM

Ipoh, Malaysia - Best Glutinous Rice Dumplings (粽子) in Malaysia!

Steamed glutinous rice dumplings or 'zongzi' (粽子) is one of the most common Chinese food items. In Malaysia and Singapore, the rice dumplings are popular both as a daily snack item and also for religious festivals such as the Dragon Boat Festival or 'Duānwǔ Jié' (端午節).

In Malaysia, where the Hokkiens are the largest ethnic Chinese group (23.4% of the Chinese populace), glutinous rice dumplings are referred to as 'bakchang' (肉粽).

The best 'bakcang' I'd ever had *anywhere* in Malaysia is undoubtedly from Guan Kee in the town of Ipoh, 125 miles north of KL. I first had a taste of Guan Kee's wonderfully tasty 'bakchang' back in 1982. Yesterday, 30 years later, I tried another one, and it was every bit as good - the glutinous rice grains were of the highest quality, wrapped in bamboo leaves into pyramid shapes and steamed to perfection. the stuffing consisted of marinated pork belly (with a high fat content), dried shrimps, shitake mushrooms, chestnut and duck's egg yolk, marinated with soysauce and Chinese 5-spice. Even the glutinous rice grains were well-flavored by the soysauce/5-spice marinade, and full of flavor.

A must-not-miss on any trip to Ipoh!

Address details
Guan Kee Rice Dumplings
Ipoh Central Restaurant
51-53 Jalan Raja Ekram
30250 Ipoh
Perak State, Malaysia
Tel: +6019-557 1107

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