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Dec 24, 2012 04:04 PM

Extra for Bleu Cheese dressing -- a Boston thing?

Out of town friends were surprised by this at dinner the other night. Blue cheese dressing was 49 cents extra (other dressins' came with the salad). Why is bleu cheese extra? Is it that exotic/special/costly? Our Californian friends were amused.

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  1. Where? I don't recall ever being charged extra

    1. Hmm..I don't recall ever being charged extra for bleu cheese dressing. Where did this occur?

      1. I remember this 40 years ago -- who is still doing it??

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        1. re: Bob W

          Ditto. I don't know of any restaurants that still charge extra for blue cheese dressing for salads.

          I was, however, shocked to find that - of all places - Pizza Hut charges $.50 extra for blue cheese &/or ranch dressing if you want it to accompany their chicken wings.

        2. More to the point: are we talking about a dressing that has actual, discernable bleu cheese crumbles that actually taste of bleu cheese?

          Cause I'll pay 49 cents extra for that, no questions asked.

          1. I remember seeing it on menus. I hope it's homemade goodness or Ken's Chunky Blue Cheese.