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Extra for Bleu Cheese dressing -- a Boston thing?

Out of town friends were surprised by this at dinner the other night. Blue cheese dressing was 49 cents extra (other dressins' came with the salad). Why is bleu cheese extra? Is it that exotic/special/costly? Our Californian friends were amused.

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  1. Where? I don't recall ever being charged extra

    1. Hmm..I don't recall ever being charged extra for bleu cheese dressing. Where did this occur?

      1. I remember this 40 years ago -- who is still doing it??

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          Ditto. I don't know of any restaurants that still charge extra for blue cheese dressing for salads.

          I was, however, shocked to find that - of all places - Pizza Hut charges $.50 extra for blue cheese &/or ranch dressing if you want it to accompany their chicken wings.

        2. More to the point: are we talking about a dressing that has actual, discernable bleu cheese crumbles that actually taste of bleu cheese?

          Cause I'll pay 49 cents extra for that, no questions asked.

          1. I remember seeing it on menus. I hope it's homemade goodness or Ken's Chunky Blue Cheese.

            1. Years ago, I remember it being pretty common, but it's been a very long time since I've seen extra being charged. Where was it you were you dining?

              1. Curious as to where this was? I have never seen that practice anywhere around here (Boston and points south).

                The local greek pizza places does charge for extra dressing but your first (very large, homemade) serving comes with the salad. If you want more you pay for it, regardless of type.

                1. The Student Prince in Springfield charges a whopping $1.95 extra for their Roquefort dressing - which is then made for you tableside by mashing a golf-ball sized knob of Roquefort into a small dish of dressing. I don't eat blue cheeses myself, but I'm told it's worth every penny.

                  Other than that I haven't noticed extra charges for blue cheese dressing, although it's true, as per Bob W above, that that *used* to be a more common practice. (I suspect that back in the day house-made blue cheese dressings were also more common.)

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                      That looks very old school. Do they make their own dressing? Was it good?

                      If it was my place I would just cost average it and charge the same price but since they are only charging $2.49 for the salad maybe they think their customers would resist a price increase. $2.75 would still be quite the deal unless it is one of those really skimpy side salads.

                      I saw they didn't note a charge for blue cheese dressing on the everyday salads menu….

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                        when reading this post, the first restaurant to pop into my mind was Luigis. I always chuckle when they tell me it will be 50 cents extra - as if that would change my mind.
                        Luigis still provides an overall great meal at a very reasonable price.

                      2. For me in Philly area also only a memory (but a certain one) - an extra charge for blue cheese dressing and a premium extra for Roquefort at th efew places that would serve it (not at the Pub in Pennsauken their Roquefort being a signature dish for them)..

                        However, I still today see a charge for blue cheese dressing with Buffalo wings at a minority of places.

                        1. I see this a some places, don't understand it and I generally let the server know as well. If I had to stretch a guess it's the extra cost for the cheese.

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                              The menu reads "extra blue cheese". I assume you get some with your wings but need to pay for more?

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                                Blue cheese "sauce" is not an offered option, so, hence, the extra charge of $.50.

                            2. Grassfields in Waltham charges 35 cents more for blue cheese:


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                                The same people who own Luigi own Grassfield's, I believe. At least they're consistent!

                              2. Kennedy's Pub in Marlboro charges 50 cents extra.

                                1. I read is as such...The discounted salad addition to the entree is probably close to break even for them as the entree profit has already been made. Seems like an old school place with a bunch of regulars who know the bleu cheese dressing is home made top notch etc... so they stopped ordering the full priced garden salad offered at 4.99 which comes with said dressing, since it is twice the price. So cafe Luigi does the sensible thing and sell them salad at cost with a small but legit mark up on bleu.

                                  1. FLORAMOS charges 50 cents

                                    1. Speaking of dressing, I find Ken's dressing being stored and served at room temp repulsive. It has been a deal breaker on many occasions at quite a few establishments. I just seems Bleu cheese dressing should be refrigerated. I dare to say that all salad dressings should be refrigerated.