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Dec 24, 2012 03:50 PM

H Mart great for lobsters

My husband was going to Stu Leonards to buy lobsters for Christmas Eve dinner, but you couldn't get into the parking lot. H Mart wasn't crowded, and the price of lobsters were $4.99 a pound. The lobsters are small, but perfect for our purpose!

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  1. Slightly off topic but I have been rather underwhelmed by Hmart lately. Compared with other local stores, their produce tends to spoil much faster. On a recent trip, I found broccoli rabe that was downright shameful. Often, the hummus on the shelf is past expiration date. Cucumbers and campari tomatoes are soft and go mush in a day or two.

    I would have written it off as a seasonal thing if it weren't for Trader Joe's. As a result I find myself buying less and less stuff at Hmart. They are still very good for nuts, cocunuts, some herbs etc.

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    1. re: gurud

      HMart is not really a place to go for hummus. They are an Asian market, not to take the place of Trader Joes or Stew Leonard's, but if you want different brands of tofu, Korean sweets, and lots of frozen shu mai, this place is for you. Campari tomatoes and cucumbers, which are less frequently used in Asian dishes, are also not the best.

      1. re: robinsilver

        The galangal, on the other hand, was the freshest and best-looking i've ever seen.

        1. re: robinsilver

          As it turns out, Hmart is the place to go for hummus. They are the only local store that stock Sonny and Joe's which IMO is the best hummus ever!

          My issue with Hmart is how it is now vs. how it was early on. It used to be a one stop shop (for me) for produce. Not so anymore...

          1. re: gurud

            I have gotten to the point I buy 95% of my produce there. I have yet to have had a single problem.

            1. re: JMF

              case in point, i bought a box of kumato tomatoes a few days ago. they looked good and i erred by not opening the box and examining them. at home, i found them to be totally mushy and had to throw the lot out.

              i suppose i should have taken them back but the hassle wasn't worth it.

              I cannot comment on rest of the store but Hmart has a large produce section and I am convinced that their produce is of an inferior quality. They are priced such though....

              I can also believe that a lot of people buy produce there and have not faced any issues. Until a cpl of months ago, I was one of those people...

              1. re: gurud

                As I said before, I have never had a single problem with their produce, and find their prices and quality to be excellent. But I do check out my produce carefully before I buy, anywhere.

                I had this happen s few years ago at other supermarkets. I learned that tomatoes, at room temp., in the box, ripen and over ripen, very fast at this time of year, (Winter.) You need to check them carefully before buying. You also have to use soon, because they have been kept at very cool temps. in storage. Once brought up to room temp. they have a short shelf life. Also you need to make sure they haven't been accidentally frozen during handling. This would cause mushy tomatoes. Something that happens at this time of year.

        2. re: gurud

          You mention Trader Joe's for produce. Now that's a place I never buy produce, or meats and cold cuts anymore. I have found them to always be of inferior quality, and poorly handled.

          1. re: JMF

            I agree! I have a few, very specific things I buy at TJ's and none of them is fresh produce or meats!

            1. re: roxlet

              Obviously not everything is good at every store. I use TJ, whole foods, fairway, fresh market, balducci as comparison for Hmart.

              While we are discussing TJ's, have you looked recently at TJ heirloom tomatoes, kumato and pearl tomatoes, persian cucumbers, red bell peppers? If you have, and still think Hmart has better offerings, then we simply disagree on what makes for good produce.

              1. re: gurud

                TJ's is also terrific for salad greens (wild arugula, regular or organic romaine hearts, bagged lettuce). We like getting the broccoli slaw to add crunch to salads.

          2. re: gurud

            gurud, Which HMart do you go to?