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Dec 24, 2012 03:32 PM

HELP! Any grocery or liquor stores open right now (6:30 PM)?

I botched a coconut cream cake I'm making for tomorrow. Recipe says "3/4 tsp. table salt" and I misread as "3/4 tablespoon salt." Luckily I'm an beater licker.

Everything around here (Wayland) closed at 6:00. I have enough of everything to make another one except Coco Lopez and eggs. Pretty sure I can get the eggs from a neighbor. Supermarket would be ideal, but liquor store would be great, too. I'll drive 40 minutes if necessary! Thanks!

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  1. Never mind. Neighbors and Gordon's Liquors in Waltham to the rescue!

    1. Sorry, don't know if a Target or Walmart superstore would carry Coco Lopez, but the Watertown Target closes at 9pm tonight, so you could check some closer Targets and Walmarts. The Raynham and Walpole walmarts are open 24 hours, so they might be open the latest tonight. Good luck!

      1. Will 3/4 tsp vs. 3/4 tbsp of salt make that much of a difference? (You see, this is why I'm no baker).

        Good luck, Polly!

        1. Thanks, you guys! Azra, I called the closest Walmart, and although open, they didn't have the goods, at least not according to the employee, who sounded like she'd already started "celebrating." But the next time I screw up last-minute and don't need a kooky ingredient, I'll know where to go. Gordon's Liquors looked like they were having a Buy One, Get 10 Free sale--a lucrative move staying open late x-mas eve.

          Not a baker, Prav? You don't say! You should have seen my face when I licked the beater. It's a good thing or tomorrow would have been embarrassing come dessert time.

          Note to self: read recipes carefully.
          Note to recipe writer: never put the word "table" right next to "teaspoon."

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            I was never great at following exact instructions - thus I'm a much better cook than baker. :D