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Dec 24, 2012 03:15 PM

Refugees from Lonely Planet Thorn Tree Get Stuffed site

Any other "refugees" over here on the Chowhound board? I enjoy reading recipes and food-related discussions, and had been looking forward to some extra time over the holidays to do so at the Lonely Planet Thorn Tree food section (Get Stuffed). Unfortunately that portion of the website closed Saturday, with no estimated time for it to re-open.

So THANKS, Chowhound, for being here

Other refugees - Reply here, especially if your posting name is quite different from on the other site - so we can continue /restart recipe recommendations?

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  1. I was not even aware they had a food site - That site was invaluable for planing my trip to cuba.

    I will definitely check it out once it's back up.

    1. they sometimes close it down for a couple of weeks so the mods can have hols.

      unless the site has been compromised...

      1. Well, welcome to y'all! Hope you find some great stuff to chat about here with us. :)

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        1. re: DuchessNukem

          Thanks, DuchessNukem. I've found the Christmas Cookies topics in the Home Cooking area and am enjoying reading what others made this year.

        2. I stumbled across this post while doing a search to see if anyone has reported on what happened to Thorntree. I've been registered here for years, but rarely use the site.

          1. What a weird message on there. Closed down because some posts don't conform?
            We should feel grateful, I think.

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