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Dec 24, 2012 03:13 PM

Table for one: Savannah

I will be flying to Savannah in February, arriving on a Sunday and leaving on a Tuesday. I'm booked at the Hyatt on W. Bay. Can anyone suggest a dining destination within walking distance of the hotel? No sports bars, please. Thanks.

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  1. First off, "easy" walking distance is a relative thing. There are numerous good places to walk to from your hotel on a fine spring or fall day. Some of the areas might get a little sketchy after dark.

    The closest place I can think of that I like is Garibaldi. A. Lure is right next door and has gotten good reviews but I've never been there.

    The Old Pink House wouldn't be too far of a walk either.

    1. I really enjoyed the downstairs bar at Old Pink House. I've been there alone several times. There's a fireplace, nice cheesestraws on the bar, friendly service, and the occasional ghost.

      1. Jazz'd is another strong choice. Excellent music, expert bartenders at a roomy bar, and tapas-style menu. The baked cheese trio, lamb chops, and tenderloin skewers are particularly good. Also, a prix fixe option.

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        1. Update- ate at Jazz'd last night. Sat at bar. Nice experience. Mussels + lamb chops. Very good preparation. Would give it an A- grade overall.