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Dec 24, 2012 02:35 PM

Lunch Suggestion on the way from Lisbon to Pinhao (Douro Region)

I have been pouring over this board getting fantastic suggestions for restaurants in Lisbon. I am wondering if anyone has a suggestion for a great lunch restaurant betwen Lisbon-Pinhao to break up our drive?


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  1. Try the Mealhada area, Lots of restaurants with a traditional Suckling pig (leitão assado). It's half the way between Lisbon and Pinhão and is not far from the Highway. Don't need reservation. Try Meta but there are dozens.

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      Thank you Bimbog. Traditional suckling pig sounds awesome! I will look into it.

      Meanwhile, do you have any recommendations for dining in Lisbon? We have a short time there, but probably want to do one night splashy with maybe a tasting menu and then another night local, local. Thanks!

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        I'm sure bimbog's recommendations will be noteworthy but you might also want to look up a plethora of recent threads and trip reports from chowhounders who visited Lisbon and ate all across the price spectrum, ambience spectrum, cuisine spectrum (native Portuguese as well as "colonial") and all over town.

        Look at the box at the upper right hand corner of this screen headlined "Discussions you might also like...."

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          My top favorites in Lisbon are, by this order



      2. Yeah, stopping for leitao around Mealhada might be a good idea. The locals seem to like debating what the best place is - here is some voting on the issue: . I was very happy with my visit to Casa Vidal, but it is in Agueda de Cima, which is off the main road a bit and might take awhile to find. Don't neglect to have some red sparkling Bairrada wine with your pig!

        Another idea might be to stop in Coimbra and have a look around. I really enjoyed my meal at Ze Manel dos Ossos, a little hole in the wall (in the center of town on Beco do Forno). The feijoada de javali is good....

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          Thanks jmoryl. I looked up Ze Manel dos Ossos and unfortunately they are closed on Sundays (the day we will be traveling). Guess I will have to settle for leitao!