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Dec 24, 2012 02:19 PM

Salad for Christmas Eve

We have been lugging heavy planters full of young Romaine onto and off the deck every night that it is forecast to freeze. Decided it's time for pay back.

A nice homegrown salad sure is going to go good with our steaks tonight.

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  1. Hurrah! What zone are you in? Here in NH/5-ish - the romaine lettuce in our unheated high tunnel froze weeks ago, I'll plant a hardier variety of lettuce next fall. But, despite it getting down to 10 degrees Christmas night, the spinach and beet greens look terrific. The broccoli is surviving (just little side shoot heads). We had fresh beet greens with our steaks last night (Dec 26). I have straw on top of the last row of carrots outdoors, wish I had planted some in the high tunnel.
    Happy gardening!