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Dec 24, 2012 01:16 PM

Cheap(er) fish in Back Bay?

Can anyone recommend a good seafood/fish restaurant, perhaps somewhat cheaper than Atlantic Fish, in the Back Bay? Just looking for a nice salmon or other basic fish dish. Lobster and chowder are secondary concerns. I'm aware of the Boston Chowda Co in the Prudential Center (or next to it). Is that good?

Failing that, can anyone compare and contrast Sonsie's and Stephanie's and Cafeteria for price and value and quality?

Thanks much in advance!

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  1. I wouldn't look for a seafood/fish restaurant. I would look for a well priced restaurant that delivers good value for your dining dollars. With the rents on the Back Bay that is harder to do and the chains and big space places are there to cater to the shoppers, conventioneers, and tourists.

    For example, consider taking the bus to Central Square in Cambridge and enjoy great fish entrees for much less at Rendezvous in Central Square.


    1. I like Boston Chowda Co. Really good lobster Mac and cheese and lobster bisque.

      1. Some of the best fish can be had in Chinatown; think East Ocean or Jumbo or Peach Farm.

        Island Creek Oyster Bar is not that far from you, by the way.

        The food at Sonsie or Stephanies is ok in a pinch, but nothing is cheap in the Back Bay.

        1. Boston Chowda (it pains me to type that) is a stall in a shopping mall food court, not a restaurant.

          Stephanie's on Newbury is where the gals from the 'burbs gather. It's meh and overpriced. I've not been to Sonsie in 100 years and didn't realize it was still open.

          Better bets:

          Brasserie Jo
          Cafe Jaffa
          Parish Cafe
          Atlantic Fish
          Chili Duck

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          1. re: C. Hamster

            Sonsie seems more of a meet market than a serious attempt at a restaurant. I used to get good coffee there, but even the quality of the coffee was fallen.

          2. There isn't a lot of love on this board for Legal Seafood, but they should meet your criteria for well-prepared basic fish dishes. There's a branch on the Boylston Street side of the Pru mall, and a very nice one in Copley Place.

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            1. re: owades

              For some reason, we've always found the one at Copley Place to be pretty bad. The one in the Prudential is much better.

              1. re: catsmeow

                Our experience has been completely the opposite. The Pru location smells bad and has very poor service.

                But if the OP thinks Atlantic Fish (better than Legal) is too pricey then Legal will be too.