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Dec 24, 2012 12:26 PM

Can you freeze a rib roast?

It's Christmas Eve and I have come down with the flu. Had to cancel our annual dinner with the in-laws and I have a 3 rib roast in the fridge.

I won't be able to cook it until Thurs at the earliest assuming I'm feeling better but I'll probably wait until the weekend.

Obviously this isn't ideal but I have a 101 fever and don't want to share this Christmas cheer.

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  1. Yes you can. But you would lose quality. Personally, I would consider just leaving it in the fridge until Thursday, depending on how fresh you think it is. Maybe even considering doing a faux-dry age thing. But you're sick so it's probably not the hassle. I personally would leave it out, again, depending on how much you trust your butcher.

    I forgot to ask, when did you purchase the roast?

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    1. A couple of days? Don't bother to freeze.

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        What if we can't get everyone together until Sat or Sun?

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          I'm no expert, but bought the full roast trimmed and tied at BJ's as I have done a few times. It is 20lbs so I cut off a couple of ribs and toss that in the freezer for later. It has always been a later winter treat.

          Just be clear to defrost, dry and bring to room temp before cooking in low and slow and fast at the end to crisp the outside.

      2. Meh. Wrap it well and pop it in the freezer. Then the pressure is off to cook it. You may not feel like hosting a dinner coming off sickness and maybe others may not feel like gorging on yet another big meal. It will be fine.
        Be well!

        1. I agree with most folks here. "Dry age" it the fridge for a few days and then cook. CI and AB have demonstrated this and I have found it helps tenderize a bit. Put in the back of the fridge for a few days and cook it

          1. You certainly have the option to freeze the roast and save it for another day....or if you feel reasonably comfortable you would be able to roast it for next weekend or before...then I would concur with what all others have said....but I would lean towards the latter option myself and consider it unanticipated happy circumstance beyond your control at first, but now you have an alternate plan that will work out well and make the best of it.

            Here are my two 2012 Christmas Day Prime Rib Roast that have been Dry Aging, or air drying, seasoned for what will be 7 Days total time. One is a 3-Rib Roast, and the other is a 4-Rib Roast.