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Dec 24, 2012 10:34 AM

Boston CHs coming through Montreal again--what's new and delish?

We'll be staying at the Fairmont this time, (our first winter trip to Montreal) and are eager to explore the Underground City. We'll certainly make a trip to APDC, which still seems to get strong recs in the more recent posts I've looked at. Any other mid-price deliciousness? We're adventurous, and we like exploring local specialties. One of us likes game, the other, not so much.
We live in Boston, so we've got plenty of ethnic Asian. We'll have a car, but hope to just keep it in the garage and explore via the metro. Extra points for BYOW! Breakfast places convenient to the hotel would be appreciated.

Also, any good food/kitchen oriented shops to explore in the Underground City?

Thanks in Advance!

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  1. In my experience of it, the "Underground City" is just a bunch of tunnels connecting a bunch of shopping malls, food courts, conference centres, condominiums, hotels, office buildings, and metro stations. It isn't nearly as romantic as it sounds, but it can quite useful for commuters who want to avoid the blistering cold.

    As for recommendations, I posted ours and asked the same thing recently: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/883054

    1. Some of the better places to eat at underground are Alki which is in the Scotiabank building. Caravelle at 2020 University, Dame Nature in the Gare Centrale, Edo Japan at the Eaton Center, the Korean restaurant under the Scotiabank Theatre. Medina in Place de la Cathedral, Momoya underneath Simon's, Nudo in the Eaton Centre and Victoire in the National Bank building at Square Victoria. I do not know if they all will be open.