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Dec 24, 2012 10:28 AM

Please advise on LV trip Sage or E??


I am heading to LV on 1/21-1/25 alone. I will be staying at Aria but have no issue with taking cabs to the right destination. So far I am booking dinners, as I will be too busy for lunches at a trade show, and I have the following in mind - Raku, Kabuto.

I would like to have one great meal where money is not a primary focus, and I have booked both Sage and E but I am not sure which one would give me the better culinary experience. Please help me to decide.

Also, I have read many of the CH discussion about the better Steakhouses. I would like to have one great steak dinner. Its a very confusing choice, as I don't eat steak very often and want to make sure I am not making the wrong choice. The preparation should be simple and the focus needs to be on the quality of meat itself and not any accompanying sauces. Money is not an issue, but I am not looking to spend over $60-70 on the steak itself. Also, some interesting appetizers and extremely well prepared sides would be welcomed for this experience. A seat at a bar would be preferable in this case since I am dining along.

Please help here too. Thank you in advance for your input.

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  1. Sage versus e? For me, it's no contest. I've been to Sage twice, and enjoyed it both times. I view it as top value in its price range, but not one of the very best in town. On the other hand, e by Jose Andres was one of my favorite meals in Las Vegas. Food quality wasn't as good as at Joel Robuchon or Guy Savoy, but it was a lot more fun.

    Steakhouses are trickier. If you're looking for something different, some places offer special, more unusual steaks (e.g., Japanese wagyu at several places, or steaks aged eight months or more at Carnevino), but they're likely out of your price range. For a regular steak with interesting appetizers and sides, CUT is very good -- but so is Carnevino, and as near as I can tell so are a handful of other places.

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    1. re: Larry

      Thank you Larry,

      Is Steakhouse in Circus Circus as good as everyone says or are Carnevino and Cut significantly better. I am looking for a straight forward dry aged bone in ribeye. Wagyu, 240 day dry-age, etc., is out of my budget given the other meals I am planning to have.

      One more question, if food quality is more important than the show of the presentation, would you recommend I make the move to Guy Savoy instead of e. I did not really book e for the wow factor but only due to the fact that I have an opportunity to partake in a very high level gastronomic experience which I have not had in a while. I have no issue spending $250-$300 on my own for this meal.

      our response is greatly appreciated.

      1. re: girdev

        "a very high level gastronomic experience?" I'd say that e qualifies. It differs markedly from most other restaurants in that the food offered is largely experimental. Not everything succeeds, but almost everything impresses!

        Guy Savoy and Joel Robuchon are traditional (relatively speaking). Read their menus, and you know pretty much what you're getting (albeit with a few surprises here and there). Of course, what you're getting is some of the best food anywhere.

        If this were to be someone's introduction to fine dining, I'd recommend Savoy or Robuchon. For someone who's eaten at such restaurants before, and wants something more challenging, I'd recommend e.

        1. re: Larry

          Thank you so much. The more I thought about it the more I decided to keep my reservation at e and cancel Sage.

          I wish you and yours a healthy and happy holiday and new year.

        2. re: girdev

          For a great ribeye, Delmonico in the Venetian is the way to go . . . as straight forward and well prepared as it gets.

      2. I know your trip has already come and past. A couple things

        1. I hope you went to Kabuto. One of my favorites in the U.S. Really affordable for the quality of what you get.

        2. Surprisingly, the Circus Circus steakhouse is pretty good. Way better than you'd expect it being in Circus Circus.

        3. I haven't eaten at e but Robuchon is brilliant. I forget if I had the 5 or 7 course menu last time I was there (I think it was $195), but everything was excellent.