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Dec 24, 2012 10:17 AM

Where can I buy dry ice?

I will be driving to SF later this week and really want to bring home a cooler of my favorite gelato packed in dry ice. Does anyone know where I can reliably get dry ice? I'll be driving up from the South via 101 and hitting the Ferry Building and North Beach area. Not real comfortable with wandering around in the city, so would prefer to buy it on the way up or someplace easily accessed. Thanks for any help!!

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  1. Airgas in San Carlos. Just a few blocks from a freeway exit.

    What's your favorite gelato?

    1. call Safeway grocery stores

      near the Ferry Bldg:

      145 Jackson St
      San Francisco, CA
      (415) 982-3112

      1. You might want to check with wherever you are getting the gelato. Specialty ice cream parlors often carry it.

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          Indeed, some places do, like Mitchell's. They'll pack a box for you w foam, ready for the dry ice and tell you where to buy it.

          Besides Safeway, Smart and Final seems to carry dry ice. Gas stations with large markets as well.

        2. It used to be free in the basement of Latimer Hall on the Berkeley campus.

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            So was the liquid nitrogen but I think it was supposed to be a recharge item.

          2. cash and Carry has it - right off van ness.