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Dec 24, 2012 10:19 AM

Nordic House, Berkeley - Scandinavian food store family owned! Let's hear more about this place!

I just heard about Nordic House on the Calif Report on NPR this morning. Sounds like a wonderful place to shop.

-Every winter they start holiday season by serving a typical Scandinavian Smorgasbord for its customer! I need to become a customer!

-lots of holidays items between Thanksgiving & New Year

-Christmas hams made there

-advent calendars

-pink marzipan pig


-pickled herring, etc.

Let's here more reports about this place! I think I'll try to run over there before they close today Christmas Eve 1pm!

NPR Calif Report:


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  1. There are lots of reports on the old location in Oakland. It hasn't changed much.

    1. First time to Nordic House because I heard it on NPR California Report. Had to rush over there because Christmas Eve they were closing at 1pm.

      Metered parking out front of their store, almost got a ticket because I thought Xmas Eve was a Holiday, Nope. Meter maid was out next to my car & I bolted to the meter to add some quarters. Geez, that was close.

      Lots of stuff from Denmark, Sweden, Germany, etc.

      Stickers, license plate holder, Swedish clogs $48.50/pair; cute Christmas dolls, candies, stollen, etc.

      We asked the guy if we could try their house-made herring. They have Curry, Sour Cream, & Pickled. We liked them all, but the Pickled one was our favorite. Pint $7.50; Quart $13.85.

      Glogg - some wine with sugar, raisin drink you can buy in a bottle. I just liked the name.

      Got a jar of Beauvais Red Beets $5.95 cuz a girl was buying several jars, I figured I could give it a try.

      Housemade pork meatballs 1lb for $8.95. B. wanted to try it. He also picked up some Knorr classic brown gravy package $1.75.

      No sandwiches until 2013 - holidays too busy.

      Get on their mailing list so when they have an Open House next Thanksgiving weekend we can go.

      Charged our purchases. 5% off next purchase over $50 with our receipt. Separate bathrooms in the back.

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        1. Some pics I took:

          1. Surprised to find the Berkeley Bowl (West) closed today for Prezzie's Day, I went roaming elsewhere for lunch. A few blocks away on San Pablo just north of Ashby, I spotted the Nordic House and thought it would be fun to try something new and different.

            Success came in the form of "Rullepølse", a Danish type of head cheese. Usually fashioned from a piece of pork belly, I opted for the lamb. They sliced it for me to enjoy on a whole-grain cracker.

            And I couldn't resist walking out with some pickled herring to try later. I'll be back for more experiments.

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