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Dec 24, 2012 10:00 AM

Bundaberg Ginger Beer from Australia sold at Costco & other places (pics attached)

I tried out Bundaberg Ginger Beer from Australia sold at Costco Fremont (probably other locations too). It's a sweet soda with a bit of a ginger kick. 170 calories ea glass bottle, 12 in a box $13.99 + CRV & tax.

If you want to try a bottle I've seen them at Little Vine in North Beach, SF & Pig & Pie, SF.

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  1. favorite ginger beer ever!! they have other flavors but the ginger is the best. they sell it at world mart and bev mo as well.

    1. They have it at Andronicos on Irving, but not so well-priced;
      4-pk/ $7.99

      1. Try Cock & Bull for a super-strong ginger flavor - it actually has real "bite" to it. Sold at BevMo, also at Piedmont Grocery.

        1. Makes a killer Moscow Mule. BevMo has the regular and diet.