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Dec 24, 2012 09:33 AM

le creuset 5qt multi-pot

I'm looking at this to replace our aging and melted handled Farber pot, steamer "fan" wheel and NS "turbo" pot.

It's Chinese made. I like to steer away from anything food or cooking from China, but Le Creuset is a "respected" name and we do like the 5qt dutch that we have. Different beast.

Has anyone any experience with this pot? It's the only one that will fit in the drawers and we have no use for a 8 or 12 qt beast.

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  1. No experience with the LC pot. There are a few choices for non-Chinese made multipots. But they are not cheap.

    For example:


    All-Clad pasta inserts are made "overseas".

    Cutlery and More is doing a 20% off all cookware right now. I bet the sale ends by New Year.

    Or forget about a matching pasta insert and use one of these instead.

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    1. re: cutipie721

      Can you please clarify the sale at I usually get sale notifications and didn't receive one for the 20% off sale you posted about nor is it listed on their website.

      The last notification I remember getting was for 20% off Wusthof knives and that was a few weeks ago.

      1. re: Molly James

        See if this link works for you...

        I was shopping for a new toy and was googling it. Then I saw an ad on the right from CnM that says "Extra 20% Off All Cookware Today. Plus Free Shipping & No Tax.". Must be a Google promo thing.

        You'll see the discount at checkout.

        1. re: cutipie721

          Thanks, cutipie!

          I hope you get your toy and now thanks to you, I may get one as well!

    2. I bought this much less expensive pot with an additional steamer insert a number of years ago and have been very, very happy with it. I use it for pasta, to steam vegetables and shellfish, and when I don't need my really big stainless steel stock pot. It's held up even better than I'd expected and I've been extremely pleased with the purchase.

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