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Dec 24, 2012 07:15 AM

Westchester- open christmas day, chinese or other suggestions

We follow the jewish tradition of a movie and chinese on Christmas. Last year we went to a movie at the new Ridge Hill theater and wound up eating at a diner. I would prefer some good chinese food or other good ethnic food. I have seen people post about Central Seafood and Aberdeen here. Does anyone know if they are open christmas day? Which would you recommend and any other suggestions? Thanks,

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  1. I'm pretty sure just about every Chinese restaurant would be open, as well as other ethnicities that are not Christian. Both Central Seafood and Aberdeen are very good: we tend to opt for Central SF more often because parking is easier and they are bigger (also, I think, a bit cheaper for fish, etc.) Both cater to large Chinese groups, so at least most of their food is authentic. Each has certain dishes that I prefer over the other's as, I suppose, would be true of any other type of restaurant. For years we celebrated Xmas at Bengal Tiger but, of course, they are no longer available. I assume other Indian establishments must also be open.

    1. I know Sushi Mike's in Dobbs Ferry will be open for sure.

        1. "We follow the jewish tradition of a movie and chinese on Christmas"

          !! is that in the Torah? <g>

          Happy hols