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Dec 24, 2012 06:45 AM

Fabbrica in Williamsburg - have any CH's eaten there?

Just wondering if any CH's have eaten at:
Looking forward to hearing some reviews/feedback/experiences.
Thank you all.

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  1. I live one block from Fabbrica and now I am a regular there. I like their croissants and cappuccino in the morning and the modern twist on the italian cuisine served in a open kitchen. The ambiance is cool but very casual. I particularly like their pastas and the porterhouse steak. Hope this helps.

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    1. re: pierop2009

      Thanks pierop2009 - that's very helpful. We have friends visiting from out of town and we are thinking of going there for dinner with them.

      We're all Italophiles and, from what I read, Fabbrica sounded like someplace we'd all enjoy. I was surprised (and a llittle concerned) when I searched CH and found no reviews.

      Thanks again.

    2. I'm bringing this up to the top again because it's only gotten one response (and by a first-timer, which is ok but I'm so surprised no CHs have been there yet....)
      I'd love to hear from anyone who has been to Fabbrica in Williamsburg...) so I'm reaching out again.
      Thanks guys.

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      1. re: prio girl

        I ate dinner there the other night and I likely won't be going back. Both of the mains that I tried were kind of bland. The service was friendly but uneven. The best thing I had was the tartare.

        If you're looking for Italian in the neighborhood it might be worth trying Monk Bar & Pizzeria in the old Mercado on Kent space.

        1. re: layble

          Il Paiolo on North 6th.

          Went there for dinner recently. Fabricca was mediocore at best.