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Dec 24, 2012 06:16 AM

Can I re-use leftover red chili sauce?

I made carne adovada (serious eats recipe). It was delicious. But now I have leftover sauce, which was used to cook the meat. I hate to throw it away. Can I brown some new pork and use it as a braising liquid again (probably needs a bit of water)???

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  1. Absolutely! You can even freeze it until you're ready to reuse it.

    Isn't there a famous Chinese cooking/braising sauce that is used and reused over and over?

      1. Yes, you can reuse it, but when I make carne adovada I seldom have more than a tablespoon of chile sauce left over.

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          thanks all.

          i hated the thought of throwing it away.

        2. A little extra is good on cheese omelettes, quesadillas, fried eggs, home fries. It's not just for dinner.