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Dec 24, 2012 05:36 AM

Dec trip report

Here's a brief report on my recent trip to NYC.

Bouchon Bakery
Stopped by for a snack before heading to Jean Georges. Excellent pistachio macaroon but the eclair was a huge disappointment. The pastry was thick and doughy.

Jean Georges
Wow. Service was just amazing compared to the Market by JG back home, truly puts it to shame but that's another post. We had the prix fixe 4 course meal as recommended by our waitress (had tix to the Opera) and it was an excellent choice. Highlight was the fois gras dumplings, every bit was truly a piece of heaven. Would have loved to try their tasting menu but I think it would of been way too much food.

Maison Kayser
Came here for brunch. No wait for table. The best scramble eggs I've ever had. Yes the bread is delicious as well. Pistachio eclair was recommended by the waiter, tasty but I wish I had gone with the coffee tart. Busy but super fast service.

Shake Shack
Came here for dinner. I can see why people rave about their burgers, definitely a good option for taste and price. Cheese fries, meh, should of gone with regular. Vanilla custard, huge grin, need I say more?

Papaya King was across the street from Shake Shack so it was obvious we made a stop. I'm not an expert but I did find the dogs a bit salty for my liking but it was not bad. Had their papaya drink, it's different.

Panera Bread
Met up with a friend here. Really loved their soup and sandwich combo. Caramel latte was pretty awesome too.

Go-Go Curry
Japanese chain. Ordered their famous Curry Katsu with rice and it was so good, very comforting on a rainy night. Not fancy but a good choice for us.

Dessert Club
Since we were in the mood for Japanese we came here for dessert. Ordered three to share among the two of us !! Green tea yuzu lava cake, wow such a nice surprise from chocolate. Soft serve filled eclair and the crepe cake were equally yummy. I was on such a sugar buzz afterwards.

Le Bernardin
My favorite meal on thsi trip. The way they execute fish is excellent. Flavours were spot on, not super bold but I like it simple when it comes to fish. Halibut with truffle, yum! The plum dessert, simple but very good flavours.

Chelsea Market
I'm a bit disappointed with this place. Yes there are some very interesting stores but it wasn't really what I expected. Over rated?

The Modern
Lunch was pretty good but compared to my previous meals at JG and LB, there was no comparison. What really irked me about The Modern is they kept calling me to confirm over and over again. Most memorable was the bread, hot from the oven and we coudn't stop eating them.

Donut Plant
Really loved their donuts but very expensive for what it's worth. Only had the yeast ones, PB&J, Bananna Cream and Creme Brulee (fav one)

Cafe Roma
Unexpected stop. They had a sign saying it was the best cannoli in Manhattan by one of the local papers. Of ours we had to try =) The shell was too hard and thick but the filling was very good.

Katz Deli
Maybe it's me, I've never been a huge fan of this type of sandwich. Personally it was okay, very expensive and confusing service. Love the matzo ball soup, perhaps it was the msg in it hahaha.

Russ and Daughter
Again, is it me? Must be an off night for me. I blame it on all the sweets I had before coming here =)

Went to a few more casual places but nothing really to mention. Loved how there are so many options in Manhattan.

Thank you for fellow CHs recommendation !

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  1. Cafe Roma is in Little Italy, right? I'd like to know how old that review clip is.

    Thanks for the report. You don't have to like the pastrami at Katz's; more for me! :-)

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed Le Bernardin and Jean Georges - two of my favorites as well.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Awesome! What did you order at Le Bernardin and The Modern? Hoping to go sometime soon..

          1. Pan: Yes Cafe Roma is in Little Italy. It is a very cute cafe. Not sure how old the review clip was, I guess I should of paid more attention but we were so excited when we came across the cafe.

            @Le Bernardin

            appies: tuna w/ fois gras and scallop carpaccio
            mains: black bass and halibut pot , halibut being the star of the meal
            desserts: earl grey tea and plum

            @ The Modern
            appies: scallop, tuna and salmon combo and roasted scallop
            mains: chorizo cod and pork tenderloin
            desserts: apple pear duo and chocolate hazelnut dacquoise

            LB was the best meal out of the three "fancy" meals we had in NYC.