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Dec 24, 2012 05:25 AM

Brooklyn on Christmas

Planning to enjoy a family day in BK on Christmas. (Assuming everything will be business as usual) Where to eat with the kiddos? Looking for excellent Kosher food of any type. Thanks!

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  1. last time i was there on christmas (albeit many yrs ago) i also thought e/thing wld b open. All that was open on Ave J was Dunkin Donuts and Holy Bagel.... Maybe it's changed since then.
    I personally love Cafe Savor! Orchidea is amazing too and for an upscale place they were great with my 4 yr old.

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      We will check before heading over, thanks

    2. just fyi, I heard that the Jewish Children's Museum was having special programming tomorrow. Chef George Wong of Chopstix Restaurants is going to sculpt fruit. Kid's love the museum and although I've never eaten there, they do have a branch of Mendy's deli, perhaps it is open.

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      1. re: AdinaA

        what a great idea!!!!! thank you :-)

      2. Pardes, not too far from the BArclay's center, is a really interesting place - I also think the Children's Museum idea is a great one.