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Dec 24, 2012 05:23 AM

Seafood on Christmas Day in Baltimore? Anywhere good open?

My brothers family is going to be ready to get out of the house Christmas Day and I figure I could meet them half way between our two homes if I can find a good seafood place to entice them to make the trip. I tried my old favorite, Schultz's, but they are closed. I even tried Phillips since it would be easy for my navigationally challenged brother to find, but it is closed too. I hit Open Table and the only moderately priced seafood place I could find is McCormick and Schmicks, which is my fallback option. I have also thought about Chinese or Indian, but I don't have a clue which are good and which are just fair.
Any suggestions for Baltimore seafood restaurants open on Christmas Day? Preferably for lunch/dinner, but supper would do too. I thought about Faidley's but the sister in law will not go there for Christmas.

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  1. Mamas on the Half Shell in Canton is open, from their FB page

    They do say that oysters are an aphrodisiac.... We will be open normal hours on Christmas Eve and opening at 12 noon on Christmas Day (kitchen open till 8P)

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      Thanks, Hon! I hadn't seen them on Open Table and assumed they were closed. I have never been, and I have heard they are pretty good so if I can get a reservation this will work well! As long as my brother's GPS doesn't lead him astray, it should be a great time! LOL!
      Thanks again for the heads up, and if I get up to Baltimore again, is there another locals type seafood place you recommend? I like Faidley's and Schultz's, and though I haven't been in years, Obrycki's was good too, if that gives you an idea of what type of seafood places I like.

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        Mamas is my fav seafood restaurant, the food is great!

    2. Hon is right about Mama's...I see also that John Steven LTD in Fells point is also open both days for lunch and dinner. It doesn't get much love on this board, but IMO the raw bar items, and stuff like crabcakes and burgers are pretty they have Resurrection Ale which is a plus for me...and it's casual as well. Have fun!

      1. Thanks, both of you! I hadn't even thought of Mama's and now I am really looking forward to it! Got the reservation and we are good to go! I have bookmarked both Mama's and John Steven on my phone so I will be able to find them easily in the future. A pint after dinner sounds rather nice.

        1. We went to John Steven after church Christmas Day...twas the only thing in Fells that was could shoot a cannon down Thames and not hit anyone except for the two men dressed in period costumes ringing a bell and saying Merry Christmas!
          Anyway, bartender Tony said he did not expect to see anyone...and was glad we were there! Kitchen was not open but steamer was...we had great bloody marys, steamed shrimp and mussels...and he garnished the bloody with a shrimp! It was PERFECT for what we wanted and attracted quite a few people, both outside with dogs, and inside as well. Hopefully we started a new tradition!

          1. Crosby, we were just down the street from you! We had a great time at Mama's On the Half Shell. The place was jamming, but the bar tender was cool, the hostess was excellent when my brother got turned around and arrived 20 minutes late and our waitress was super sweet. We started with a couple dozen oysters, blue points, Rapahannocks and Chincoteagues and they were nearly perfect! Very fresh, well shucked, with decent liquor and great tasting. Then we ordered two Classic combos and a strip steak. The combos are all fried and were very good. The Classic Combo crab cake is not the same one you get if you order the crab cake separately, but it is still very good. We saw a regular crab cake and it looks like it is roasted not fried, and it looks phenomenal. The fried oyster and the fried shrimp were very good, the fried fish was ok and only fair as my brother got a better piece of fish than I did. Sides were all good, the Fat Tires hit the spot and the Orange Crush was pretty good as well.
            All in all, a very good meal, and next time I am going to order the crab cake a la carte, not as part of a special. I am looking forward to coming back to this place!
            Thanks, Hon!

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              you are most welcome, best seafood in Baltimore IMHO!