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Looking for butcher shop or salumeria with the best hot italian sausage

I live in North Quincy, so anything around here would be awesome, although am more than willing to travel. I'm making a lasagna and will be searving sausage, meatballs and braciole on the side. Thanks!!

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  1. I'm sure there must be some place closer to you but I get my sausage at De Pasquale's in Newton (they carry some of their sausages at Russo's so you could do your shopping there but they don't always have the "hots" at Russos).

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      I second De Pasquale's. Their hot sausage is actually hot. Most of the "hot" sausage you get in the supermarket is for babies.

    2. It means a trip into Boston but we love the hot spicy in-house made sausages from Pace. There are several locations in the Greater Boston area.


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        All good choices but if you decide on Pace's, in addition to their hot, they make a rabe/cheese/pork sausage that is great...worth having in the freezer.

        DePasquale's used to make a sweet Chinese sausage that was also excellent. Haven't been in a while.

        Bianco supplies many of the carts in town and NE feasts. They were neighbors and we never got tired of eating their sausages..:)

        I've had the Dulock thyme/assorted herbs..excellent..haven't tried their hot yet. I'm sure they are excellent.

        Again, I don't think you can go wrong with any of the places named.

        For myself, I usually buy at Sulmona's or Pace's in the NE..but Dulock or DePasquale's would be in my regular rotation if they were more convenient for me.

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          I second 9lives' recommendation of Pace's rabe/cheese/pork sausage. Absolutely deliciously spicy. Plus the rabe makes the pork healthful. Doesn't it?

      2. The Watertown Shaw's is advertising Bianco's sausages. They are made in Revere and are excellent.

        I don't think all Shaws have them, though. This store has a small butcher dept. with a higher-end selection of beef. You could check your local stores.

        1. I live in North Quincy as well and my go to for sausages is the Butcher Shop in Adams Village, Dorchester. It's really the only place I buy sausage. In addition to Italian hot or sweet sausage they have other varieties which they alternate. My favorites are the curry; lamb and mint; village and suicide.

          1. The very best sausage you can buy is at a little hole in a wall place in Norwell called the Smoke House.

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                I give my husband a GC to there for his birthday every year.

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                  Agreed!! Been buying my sausage from Smokehouse for years. My favorite is the "3P", roasted red peppers, prosciutto, and provolone. Many, many varieties. On New Years Day I used their andouille sausage for my jambalaya as well as a scotch bonnet pepper sausage to really spice it up! They are so spicy that I usually remove the sausage from the casings and use only 2 or 3 in jambalaya, chili, and other spicy dishes.No other heat is needed. Smokehouse supplies many restaurants in greater Boston and some smaller markets, including City Feed in JP.

                2. Dulock's, the new butcher near Union Square in Somerville, makes their own sausages including an Italian hot. Very good, far from Quincy....

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                    Dulock's sausage has pretty much ruined me for any other sausage.

                  2. Thank you for the help everyone. I wound up at the Butcher's Shop in Adam's Village. I got a mix of hot sausage and their house special sausage which is a mix of garlic, fennel, and hot. Both were excellent!

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                      They make good sausage for sure. I live a block away and am a regular patron.

                      But theirs is nowhere near as good as the Smoke House, which is worth a try sometime

                    2. Always happy with the hot and/or sweet we get at Previte's in Weymouth on Rt. 53.

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                        Why do I always forgot about that place? I drive by on way BJ's and say I have to stop in and then never do. I love the little bakery attached too,

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                          Previte's sausages are made by Bianco. Very good especially the garlic and cheese. I also like Tony's Market in Roslindale.

                        2. My go to place is Sulmona. I also like Tutto Italiano in Hyde Park.