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Dec 24, 2012 03:51 AM

Italian stores/neighborhoods to visit on a trip through NJ

Driving from Philadelphia to New England and figured I'd ask for suggestions for Italian stores/neighborhoods that would be worth visiting and aren't too far off the NJ Turnpike (within 20 min).

I know about the chain Corrados but have never been there, I think it's similar to a bunch of places we have in the Philadelphia area. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks

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    1. Are you looking for a market....or more along the lines of specialty bakeries and delicatessens.

      While I do shop at Corrado's in Clifton....the store is not great when considering quality.....but they do have some good Imported Cheeses and Salumi available.

      Right at the 15-20 minute mark off the TP is Garfield and Lodi. There are more than a few small delicatessens and bakeries with excellent breads, baked goods and prepared items.

      In Englewood, there's Jerry's Gourmet/Homemade, only 5 minutes from the George Washington Bridge.

      Off the Turnpike,

      in Fairview....

      DiPalma Brothers

      Valente Bakery... for Coal Fired Brick Oven Italian Bread and Fresh Mozzarella made on premise.

      A few minutes up the road in Ridgefield..

      Rispoli Pastry Shop for pastries and Butter cookies....Cannoli, Lobster Tails, Rum Baba, Sfogliatelle, Eclairs, Cream Puffs and favorite Italian Bakery for desserts

      Piccolo Gastronomia

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        Thanks for responding. I think I'm looking more along the lines of speciality shops that have prepared food, pizza etc.. so your suggestions were really helpful. Have you ever been to Eataly in the city?

        Thanks, Ryan

        1. re: acewex

          Eataly will blow your mind--but that isn't a 'quick side trip,' imo! If you have the time to really stop, wander, and eat there, it's quite impressive. It's also a constant mob scene, so you have to know that up front and be willing to brave it! It's worth it, though.

          I'm not sure how far it is off of your route, but I'm hearing/reading good things about Tarry Market in Port Chester, which sounds like a (very) mini version and is also by Batali, Bastianich, and Co.

          1. re: acewex

            There are lovers and haters of Eataly on this board. The first couple of times I was there, I hated it. But I eventually got the "lay of the land" and took the time to take it all in and now I am a regular shopper and diner there.

            FYI...Eataly is a corporate franchise based in Italy and owned by Batali/Bastianich in NYC. Do not go expecting a true Italian mom & pop type of store. That said, you can find some great groceries, meats, etc. there and of course all of the restaurants are wonderful. Buon appetito!

        2. Nothing really in NJ... but if you can detour to the Bronx, Arthur Ave is worth the trip!