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The Dumpling House on Gerrard

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Great addition to Gerrard and Broadview area, east of Broadview half a block, south side, the Dumpling House no relation to Spadina place.

Had both fried and steamed dumplings, very good. Hot sour soup and cumin with lamb was also good. Very affordable. Northeast Chinese food. Nice decor, good service but only one waitress.

Merry Christmas to us all and enjoy the dumplings!

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  1. thanks for the tip. will check it out. are the dumplings homemade? do they have dan dan noodles?

    1. The dumplings are home made indeed. I didn't see dan dan noodles but they have zhe zhang noodles and many other noodle dishes

      1. Oh how exciting. I hope they have some vegetarian/vegan options.

        1. Thanks for the recommendation! We tried this place the other night and it's really great! very excited to have this now in our neighbourhood as we usually go out to place in scarborough for northern style chinese food. had selection of dumplings, lamb with cumin, stir fried green beans, will be back to try the shredded potato with chili as we usually have that out in scarborough.

          1. Going to need to hit the CHOWFIND siren on this one, food is very legit, from the Mom character making dumplings at the counter to the torn noodles in the Xinjiang spicy chicken. We also had the pickled cabbage, oyster, and lamb casserole which was a massive portion and totally delicious, and some great pan-fried chicken dumplings. They have XLBs, pork only, didn't try but lots of people were ordering them. Place was rammed and they seemed a bit overwhelmed, will probably need to add another server and cook. Prices are cheap.

            Menu is big, can't wait to work my way through it. This place is 5 minutes from my house, I'm gonna put on my winter layer of fat in their spot, for sure.

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              torn noodles in the xinjiang spicy chicken? whoa. gotta check this place out. This dish sounds reminiscent of something I got a henan cuisine restaurant in New York. Thanks for the tip!

            2. Very happy to see this thread! We usually go to Pearl Court for a family dinner. Last time we were there the service was beyond appalling. We were ignored, finally placed our order and the waiter walked away half way through the order, we never recieved our drinks and the food was raw, no joke! We were served about 4 dishes, steamed shrimp and they were all raw, disgusting.
              No apology or acknowledgment...... anyhow, glad to see that there is a new spot to frequent, thanks for the post and sorry for my rant! We will definitely give it a try!

              1. We went there a few nights ago and were very pleased. We are not Northern Chinese experts and can only compare to the stuff we've had at places like Mother's Dumplings and Chinese Traditional Buns.

                We had the pickled cabbage, oyster, and lamb casserole mentioned above, which was a huge bowl of soup with sauerkraut-y cabbage, glass noodles, tender lamb, shrimp, and a couple of hard to find oysters.

                All the dumplings we had were great, easily comparable to others we've enjoyed. The fennel and pork was actually dill and pork, and was chock-full of dill. The soup filled dumplings and the beef and radish dumplings were also excellent.

                We also tried the fried potato, eggplant, and green pepper, which was pretty oily, but otherwise good. The minced meat with noodle in Peking sauce was also very tasty.

                We will definitely be coming here again - it is just around the corner from us.

                1. Dumplings are real good , definitely will go back and try other stuff on the manu next time.

                  1. Been awhile now, can anyone report on vegetarian options? Even though there's only a couple of options at Mother's Dumplings I really enjoy them, so I don't need a ton of choices. Couldn't find a menu online.

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                      Full menu can be found at http://dumplinghouse619.com/menu/ - only 1 veggie version available.

                      Happy to find another place that offers both xiao lung bao and glutinous rice balls, looking forward to trying it.

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                        Been there again recently to enjoy the dumplings, seems like they just added more veggie food on the menu. good.

                      2. Just had lunch there today after visiting the family doctor. Thank god for forums like this on Chowhound or I may never have tried this place. I just saw this posting on Saturday and when I was walking to my doctors today I remembered this posting as I passed the place (it's literally 3-4 storefronts from my doctor's office - I should get sick more often!). The place is small and clean with one server. Someone mentioned getting another server, I don't think the space will allow it since the aisle is only big enough for one person at a time.

                        I ordered the Hot and Sour soup and a serving of the leek, pork and shrimp dumplings. The soup was a small but easily shareable between 2 people. It was spicy enough to clear your sinuses (which I needed), but not overpowering and sour enough to be enjoyable. I noticed thin slices of translucent pork (ham?), nice pieces of tofu and slivers of oyster mushroom. Overall quite nice, one of the better ones I've had in years.

                        The dumplings are hand made. There were 2 women at the counter rolling out the dough and filling them by hand. They were using the small, thin wooden sticks to roll out the small portions of dough. There was texture to the filling. Some places you get a mash of leek, pork and shrimp, so ground up that it's just one meatball of filling. Here you get pieces of shrimp and leek mixed with ground pork. Each dumpling was about 5 cm long and fat. When you bite into them there is a little bit of broth that's released and the flavour was excellent. The do sell frozen, uncooked dumplings if you wanted to take some home and cook them yourself.

                        The small soup was just under $4 and the dumplings were ~$6 for a dozen. I also ordered 2 more orders of dumplings for the family to try and my total bill came to $26 (pop + soup + 3 orders of dumplings). I will definitely go back again.

                        1. The title is a contradiction..

                          "Freshly made frozen dumplings" ??


                          Its not fresh if they freeze it after... just saying

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                            If they're frozen immediately after being made, they're going to be pretty fresh when you make them yourself. That is if they haven't been frozen for too long.

                          2. Thanks for the rec. We were in the area for Doors Open at Bridgepoint and had an hour to kill before our tour so went here for lunch. I walked by and seemed to recall mention of it on CH. We ended up ordering way too much food (pork/shrimp dumplings, soup dumplings, braised eggplant dish, sweet and sour pork).

                            It was all very good. I would definitely go back if in the area in the future.

                            It was pretty quiet when we went in around 12:15 by the time we left at 1pm it was almost completely full.

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                              I can't wait to try this place! I'm going to be in the area in 2 weeks, and after looking @ the menu online, I plan on ordering too much as well :)

                            2. I tried this place a few months ago as I was so excited to see a Northern Chinese restaurant in the area...but I didn't comment on it back then as I wanted the restaurant to do well. This was despite the fact that I found the meat in my xiao long bao very fatty and the quality sub-par compared to others I've tried.

                              That said, I'm willing to give it another try.

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                                Just wanted to give an update that I gave the restaurant a second try last week and ordered a couple of the same dishes from my first visit - xiao long bao and the beef brisket noodle soup.

                                It was a much better experience and I left satisfied. The broth was more flavourful and less fatty than last time and the filling in the dumplings were less fatty. While I wouldn't say it's as good as some places up north, it's definitely a decent choice for the area and I'll be back.

                              2. This is a great option for the area and I would go anytime. Good hot and sour, only wish it had a meat element to it. Slowly going thru the dumpling choices.

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                                  Ate there today, fourth time . HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and an unusual cuisine, even in Toronto. Basic luncheonette decor, but spotless.

                                  Every dumpling, pancake and noodle dish we have tried was delicious and freshly made to our order.

                                  The stir-fries and fried noodle dishes do tend to be on the heavy/oily side, but irresistible
                                  (and we limit ourselves to one per meal.) The spicy szechuan beef soup (two chilis of hotness, their highest rating)is light and simple, but loaded with beef and numbing szechuan peppercorns and red peppers. Addictive. Also thumbs-up for the lamb with cumin. One large soup, two dozen assorted dumplings, one meat stirfry and one vegetable will serve about SIX people for $30-35.

                                  With a tablecloth and legroom, I would happily pay 3x that for the same food.

                                  Be advised, the TV blaring idiotic Mandarin talk/game shows, with vile pop music, is a hazard. Authentic no doubt, but irritating.

                                2. Does anyone know if this place changed ownership or chefs? we ate there constantly prior to summer and it was really good. Went the other night for the first time in few months and it seemed completely different? i actually sent a dish back as it was completely inedible (which i've never done before!). it had no flavour on it except that it seemed to have been drenched in chinese cooking wine - was really strange, and we've ordered it before and it was not like that.

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                                    I'm there fairly regularly but usually mid-day on weekends. No change of ownership that I know of but maybe a change of evening chef?

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                                      I think there has been a change in chef. It is still better than average for the area, but on my two most recent visits we ordered many of the same dishes we had loved earlier this year, and they were unrecognizable. Edible, but lacking the ineffable "zing" that made the place a destination. I thought the first time might have been chef's night off, but no such luck. He was a jolly middle-aged Chinese guy who rolled down the aisle and out the front door for a smoke whenever there was a break in the orders, and he was definitely not there the 2 recent visits. One good thing about heavy smokers: they HAVE to smoke.

                                    2. I've been twice now. Once for take out and once eat in. Both times that food was tasty and fresh. Each time we tried both fried and steamed dumplings. The steamed soup dumpling and the won tons in chili and peanut sauce have been the highlight but all have been better than average IMO. I'm not at all a dumpling expert but we are happy to have them in the hood.

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                                        how was the salt level? i'm guessing fine, by your overall commentary. I've only been twice...don't remember much about the first visit other than it justified a second. but i do remember my second visit the soup dumplings were crazy salty.

                                        pork & dill dumplings and pork & chive are pretty standard, which is fine by me. I was just turned off by the soup dumpling experience. I'll visit again, to make sure.

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                                          We had a noodle dish that was a bit salty but I found all of the dumplings to be fine. Seasoned but not at all a salt bomb of any sort.

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                                            yeah, for me, it really was the soup dumpling. other stuff was pretty good.

                                            i'm not sure of the regional disparities, but I compare this place to Chinese Traditional Bun. CTB's a lot better, but it's also not a convenient location.

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                                              I'm about a 7 mins walk door to door from my house so I really can't beat the location.