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Dec 24, 2012 01:41 AM

Marinara sauce in advance?

Hi all. I am making a pasta bake for dinner using pasta, passata, onion, garlic, white wine and topped with mozzarella. I was wondering if I could make the sauce (using onion, garlic, wine and passata) in advance and would I need to reheat it before I put with with the hot pasta and mozzarella in the oven? Thanks a lot! :-)

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  1. Yes, go ahead and make the sauce in advance. And yes, it will be necessary to reheat it before combining with the hot pasta and cheese.

    1. You say you are making a pasta bake for dinner and you want to make the sauce in advance. What you don't say is when you are making the pasta bake. Christmas dinner? Or dinner some time next week? Next month? That factor helps us to know how far in advance you can make the marinara without freezing it.

      1. The sauce will keep a week in the fridge... Heat gently before using.

        1. Wadeaminutehere. If you're going to mix some pre-cooked pasta and aromatics and the sauce in a casserole before you put it into the oven, I'm thinkin' you don't need to heat the sauce first. Somethin' not clear here.

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            Likewise I don't know why it would need reheating before cooking. if, horror of horrors, OP was making a baked pasta dish with jarred marinara, would that be heated before Use?

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              I would bring the sauce up to temperature since the OP does say she is mixing it with hot pasta. This way it all goes into the oven at the same temperature and bakes evenly. But that's just me; and I have been known to be a little obsessive.

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                Well, I'm thinking the OP will be putting the sauce into the fridge. So, I would rather mix the hot macaroni with a sauce that was at least warm instead of mixing it with sauce that's cold.