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Dec 23, 2012 09:23 PM

Xmas Eve sushi scarcity -- west side Vancouver -- please assist!

Our annual tradition of sushi on Christmas Eve is in jeopardy. All our stalwart westside places are closed, what with tomorrow being Monday and all. Kibune, Ajisai, Tokyo Thyme, even Sushi Bar, all shuttered. Can anyone suggest a solid place that is between Cambie and 2nd, 49th and UBC (would go so far as Main as well but alas Zipang also closed Mon). We don't need "gourmet" just good. Many thanks and all the good things of the season to you all.

ETA this would be for takeout, going from Kits to Kerrisdale, rather than dine in!

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  1. Not sure about xmas eve but Dan is one of the few open on Mondays. Have you tried them?

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    1. re: queueueuq

      Nice one, I will try calling Dan tomorrow. Also dredged up:

      Sushi Sushi (they are open till 7 but never tried 'em)
      Sake Maki (very new, not sure if open)
      Greenleaf (a front runner as they are open and they had a menu outside when I was driving home just now)
      Ikebana (haven't tried, not sure they're open)
      Irori (good but pricey for what it is, not sure they're open)
      Hitoe (ditto comment for Irori)
      Nick Sushi (had their stuff once ages ago, no memory, not sure if openO

      1. re: grayelf

        Then there's Sushi Lano if that's the name 2708 W 4th
        604-739-4660 they are open usual Mondays.

        Have eaten there a few times and the food was good for Korean sushi.

        It's a tiny place and service can be an issue if they're busy.

        1. re: Sam Salmon

          Ah yes, haven't tried them since they changed hands.

    2. Hachibei is open Mondays...

      1. Hey GE,

        Sorry if this is a moot suggestion, but Tojo's might be an option if you're in a spendy mood :-)

        I would not suggest Sushi Sushi even at the risk of betraying our neighbours (who are the owners), from a food perspective it's "McSushi" and I know you seek more than that.

        Is Hitoe open tonight ?

        Or Hime up on 10th ?

        If you're able to squeek past Main, there's the second Hime on E. Broadway across from Kingsgate Mall. And at the east end of that block is Sushiyama which IMHO is decent and doesn't offend:

        There's also Clubhouse Sushi (Japanese owned/operated) where I like their okonomiyaki and tonkatsu:

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        1. re: LotusRapper

          Hitoe is indeed Open tonight-but Closed tomorrow.

          1. re: Sam Salmon

            Thanks all for the input. I ran out of time to do further research so Greenleaf's proximity and menu availability won the day. I thought they were Japanese owned but the person who took my order said "We are Korean." Anyhoo, I'll report back after the dust settles, and once again, merry whatever-you-celebrate!

            1. re: grayelf

              So can't recco Greenleaf. I think it must have changed hands as it was completely different than when we last had it. Everything was enveloped in mayo, and there was pollock in virtually all the rolls we ordered, even when not listed. Rolls are also ginormous which is not a compliment. Sushi tray for two could easily feed four.