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Soup to serve with grilled salmon?

We're serving salmon for Christmas dinner and I've been asked to make a soup to go with it. Any suggestions? Thanks and Merry Christmas.

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  1. Creamy asparagus or spinach comes to mind.

    1. maybe a corn chowder or a cauliflower-ginger soup?

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        do you have a recipe for the cauliflower-ginger?


      2. Corn chowder or curried carrot soup

        1. You should move this to Home Cooking.

          I do agree with a green creamy soup though

          1. Like a few others, cream of asparagus came to mind immediately. Cream of artichoke would be great, as well.

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              Can I use vegetable stock instead of chicken? One of the guests is a vegetarian.

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                If one of the guests is a vegetarian, then I suppose you'll be serving some other entrée than salmon to him/her. What do you have in mind? It would affect the choice of soup.

            2. Cream of fennel soup is also excellent with salmon.

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                love this idea of cream of fennel soup.

                i had thought of sorrel soup, but i think one couldn't find sorrel just now.

              2. Or a completely different approach: consommé. Stimulates the taste buds without upstaging the main course or filling you up. Consommé is tiresome to make, but Campbell's canned consommé is flavorful and, of course, easier than pie.

                1. Salmon is very rich. Like john said, don't want to upstage the main. Pureed vegetable, very little cream or butter. Or, poaching/steaming the fish would give you more leeway.

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                    I'd also go for a straightforward vegetable soup, using whatever is in season wherever you are. For me, that would be pretty much restricted to root vegetables but a nice clear, well seasoned broth and a decent dice of the veg would be a good opening to a festive meal for me.

                  2. Thank you all very much for your suggestions. I'm just finishing up a batch of asparagus soup and I think it's going to work out really well.

                    1. Consider that the flavor of salmon is very illusive to say the least. I wouldn't serve soup with salmon for that reason but anyway I'd go for a very light non dairy soup. The dairy will basically coat everyones taste buds and no one will actually taste the salmon. Maybe that's for the best depending on the salmon. Thin chicken stock. No, even that wouldn't work.
                      Make a pot pie with cream and salmon and chopped fennel.

                      1. Leek and potato? Cauliflower and Pear? I would add some fresh dill to the leak and potato (and I'd braise the leaks first) - it would tie in nicely with the salmon