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Dec 23, 2012 07:30 PM

I just have to sing the praises

About 3 years ago I dragged DH to dim sum at Gee's Garden. He did not want to go, but after that meal he instantly became an instant fan. We've gone there almost every Sunday since then, and it's been going on three years. Early this month we went to Las Vegas for a long weekend, and found a nice dim sum restaurant there, Orchids Garden. We loved it- It was familiar enough to know what we wanted to order, different enough that we appreciated the differences. I know it sounds like "a geezer couple went to dim sum", but we've only been to Gee's Garden and were glad to have another restaurant to compare it to and found both to be really good. Just Sayin'.

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  1. Flash, it just takes that first Dim Sum experience to become comfortable with the form.

    May you visit many more Dim Sum places as you travel.

    1. Cute post, EWSflash! I just moved to Tucson a few months ago (even though we've been visiting for over 20 years) and since we lived near SF, we never bothered with Asian food in Tucson. Now, though, we've started our search for local Asian places, and Gee's Garden became our place for dim sum. My Chinese friends used to go to a place on Oracle, but one of them thinks she got food poisoning there, so they never went back.

      If you know of other good Asian restos, I'd love to hear about them. (Old Peking, on a tip from a Chinese gal at DOWNTOWN KITCHEN, turned out to be a bust; but Dragon's View on the West side turned out to be a winner if you order from the purplish menu).

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        Old Peking was hot during the 1970s, haven't heard many rave reviews since. I haven't been, though, so I don't know.

        Tucson is nowhere near being a mecca for Asian food, but there are some good places. I'm not an Asian food expert by any means, but will list things that I like AND my Asian and/or culinary expert friends like- fair enough?
        Ba Dar, Chinese, Broadway just east of Kolb- I love it
        Gee's Garden, as mentioned above,
        Hot Wok, underappreciated hero, Golf Links betw. Prudence and Pantano (very casual, does a lot of takeout)
        Dao (Vietnamese/Chinese/some Thai) on Wilmot just south of 5th Street
        Miss Saigon, on Campbell just south of Speedway (really good IMO)
        Thai China Bistro, on Grant just east of Craycroft. Food's very good, but you order at the counter, then somebody brings you your food and then hovers relentlessly, asking how you're doing every two minutes because they want to get a tip. Owner ought to either stop the hovering or let them be waiters, one or the other.
        I won't go into the buffets I've been to, because I will end up being a hissing and a byword by the buffet snobs.

        I want to go to Dragon's View, I've heard a lot of good things about it. Thanks for jogging my memory.