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Dec 23, 2012 05:48 PM

company burger- things I wish I'd known

I have an intense dislike of processed cheese and Texas toast. So, the burger is processed cheese only, unless you want lamb. I chose a hot dog.
What the hell is wrong with a bun? Yeah, it's Texas toast in a bun-ish form. Ok, it's me, but I wish someone had given me this info before I spent $25. People love this place and that's fine. I just wish I'd had this info first.

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  1. Wow--ew. I don't like processed cheese. Will cross them off my to-do list.

    1. It's American cheese (let us not have a discussion of the similarities and differences between "American" and "processed" cheese.)

      I love the buns! They are baked special for CB and I think they are delicious tasting, and soft enough for easy eating but have enough structure to stay intact.

      Adam Biederman has a very specific idea of how he wants his burgers to be. I happen to love his burger ideal, but since it's pretty specific, not everyone will agree.

      Man - it's been way too long since my last Company Burger visit.

      1. You get get what you pay for. By far the best burger in town

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          High five! I agree. Just went there for lunch yesterday, it was awesome as always.