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Dec 23, 2012 05:26 PM

Best christmas eve brunch SF

Its my birthday and I am looking for the best high end brunch in San Fran.

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  1. My first inclination was to direct you to Top of the Mark, but I see they are only doing a Christmas Eve dinner (standard lunch is being served).

    Not sure you'll be able to find one as they tend to be Saturday and Sunday meals and the Eve is a Monday...

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      1. re: denhams

        Skimming Opentable, my first choice would be Perbacco. Alternatively, B44, Boxing Room, Cafe Claude, Cotogna (if you can wait until 2:15), Farina, Gajalee, Hakkasan, Kokkari, Maykadeh, Original Joe's, or Rose Pistola.