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Dec 23, 2012 04:51 PM

Matzo balls ... light/fluffy or heavy/dense?

Not being Jewish, and not even pretending to be Jewish, I have no real point of reference as to which is better, or preferred.

I will admit I like them both - either light and fluffy almost like a flotation device or heavy and dense like some edible anchor.

What say you? Do you have a preference?

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  1. I'm not Jewish either and have to say I do like them dense and within a heavy soup.

    1. I am Jewish, and this debate has been raging for as long back as I can remember, which is sometime back in the 1950's. I remember both my grandmothers, my great grandmother, a bunch of aunts, great aunts and even some of my uncles, discussing the "golf ball" or the "tennis ball"....

      I really do not recall any clear definitive answer, just a lot of hyperbole, . My one uncle asked my grandmother to make both kinds,, so she did, this way no one could for me....
      I love food, and am pleased to have them eitherway.
      The next debate ...should they be large or small?
      ( On the Kosher board, I beleive I saw some tips to make them fluffy)
      Let the discussion continue!

      1. I'm not Jewish (but have Jewish in-laws) and have a definite preference for the lighter/fluffier ones. I don't like that heavy feeling in my stomach.

        But, some of the lighter ones have a defined "graininess" which is odd too.

        It's like pie dough ... if it's overworked it's tough, if it's just right it melts in your mouth. ;)

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        1. re: eperdu

          I am Jewish and we always made fluffy floaters for MB soup and hard sinkers for tzimmes. Tzimmes is made many different ways but in my family it was a stew with flanken,carrots,sugar-sometimes a boatload and small hard MB.

          1. re: SIMIHOUND

            My soup matzo balls are floaters, big, light and fluffy. My Tzimmes matzo bals are heavy like lead. BUT this is not because I make them differently, it is because of the way they are cooked. In fact I make a big bowl of mix, put half in boiling water to make for soup and the other half raw in the tzimmes to cook. the bake in the tzimmes, absorbing the heavy juices, meat drippings (I put a brisket in the tzimmes) and the honey. They don't boil freely in a 20 quart pot of water, thus they are sinkers.

        2. You mean, floaters or sinkers? Definitely floaters!!!! Use seltzer in ' em to give some lightness and lift!

          1. No, because I've never, ever had a matzo ball that I didn't like. And I'm not Jewish, either.